Two sisters, two coasts, one blog

About “the Girls”

East Twin

My sister and I were born in Berkeley California, twenty minutes apart. We are fraternal twins which means we don’t share an identical genetic code, but our family always referred to us as one unit: ‘the girls’. As children we shared a room, friends, toys, clothes, punishments.

But we have always been different from each other too; she has green eyes, I have blue. She’s neat, I’m messy. I’m shy and she’s outgoing. She’s an idealist where I am pragmatic. I like dogs and she likes cats.

Our adult lives contrast with one another’s too. Rucha is raising her three sons in California, a whirlwind of noise and activity, school plays, tantrums, laundry and laughter. I recently moved to North Carolina, and am working on a new business designing a line of limited edition clothing and accessories. My days are usually pretty quiet and insular; walking the dog, practicing yoga, spending hours at the sewing machine or cutting table listening to NPR, watching movies with my husband.

We’re still ‘the girls’ though. We finish each others sentences, and laugh at the same things. Oh, and we married men who are childhood best friends! This blog gives us a chance to keep connected over the miles, and share moments from our divergent lives with our friends and family.

I do want to write a few words about my sister. Rucha is an amazing mother, though she might disagree with me on a bad day! I say the evidence is in her beautiful, smart, funny, self-confident children who are some of the most lovely people I know. She is also warm and generous, quick to share herself and her experiences with others, bright (both in spirit and intellect) and witty. This particularly comes across in her writing, and I’m very excited to see what she brings to this project.



West Twin

Well, as usual my sister has covered most of the pertinent details – short and sweet, just like her! What she didn’t tell you is that she is an amazing and committed  artist, currently putting her hand to beautiful fabrics and her own unique designs. She has champagne taste, which makes me laugh since we grew up on lentils (!), but she has an eye for beauty and knows when something is classic and tasteful. Me, I’m more flash in the pan, and I’ll always pick the hot pink shoes over her wiser choice of black. Style-wise, sometimes I feel like Liberace to her Anna Wintour. You also should know that as ‘quiet and insular’ as she professes her days to be, my sister is a secret bad-ass who will twist the head off a mutant cockroach if given enough provocation. Oh and p.s. – she is the neat one and I am messy!

How can twins avoid such polarizing attitudes, even towards ourselves? Since our most profound polarity is this current East coast/West coast separation, and since we can’t avoid it, then perhaps we should embrace these differences – explore them, come to know and understand the different worlds we occupy.

So while my twin lives a more focused and creative life than I can imagine, I am sitting pretty in the center of  the whirling chaos she described – the extreme tropical storm known as Motherhood. Most days I don’t feel like I am doing anything of importance other than marshalling ridiculous fights between my boys, finishing one meal & set of dishes in order to start the next and, if I’m lucky, reserving enough energy at night to cozy up on the couch with my patient husband to watch one of “our shows”  (currently we’re seriously hooked on Deadwood). If I sound bitter, I’m not (well…maybe just a little); but in the rigors of raising young children I know that my challenge is to find The Beautiful or  The Unexpected or The Meaningful Moment in the day or in the week. And through this blog, I have a chance to share it with my sister, and with you.

Because we are twins, first and foremost “the girls”, there are plenty of similarities, or ‘samenesses’ that are woven into the fabric of our lives, sometimes more than we even realize. I think these too will be revealed in our weekly, bi-coastal conversation.  It is my hope that by keeping in touch with each other this way that we will learn even more about one another, and about ourselves.

’til then,



18 Responses to “About “the Girls””

  1. Goddess Mother Jacquelyn

    I am so in awe of these two most beautiful, creative “girls.” I am so proud to be their Goddess Mother.

    I remember well the day you were born.

  2. cousin vanessa

    you both are such lovely writers! keep it coming. i miss you both ~
    oami, i still wear the dark green velvet jacket from modaspia. so perfect.
    and rucha, this motherhood is an ass-kicker with a large dose of love and joy.
    can’t wait to read more entries. xoxo

  3. Karen

    I LOVE reading your blog, Rucha, and am very glad you find time to share your gifts with words and stories for all of us to enjoy! And Oami – I’m happy to meet you through this blog. Blessings on you both.

    • ruchapowers

      Karen, I’m so thrilled to know you are reading…and enjoying! Glad we are in touch again via the wonderous internet!

  4. Diane

    I was drawn to your facinating site when I googled “harvest moon”! I see that your picture is copy-righted and will not use it without securing your permission. I wish to use it to decorate my guest room. Would this be possible? C. Diane Quigley

  5. Kate

    Oami and Rucha,
    I started out on Etsy, found Judah Ross, read up on Oami’s blog and then followed to East Twin, West Twin. It’s so great to see both of you in your rich adult lives and to see the photos of your Mom and Dad. I miss your Mom and see so much of her in both of you.
    Sending you armfuls of love,
    ps Oami, do you live in Boylan Heights? Have you seen the great book “Everything Sings” about that neighborhood?

    • oami powers

      Hi Kate! Glad you found us….I’m on the other side of town from Boylan Heights, but I love that neighborhood. I’ll have to see if I can find the book at our library.

  6. corinnahasofferett

    I too started as Kate. most touched as I was also born as fraternal twins with my sister back in Romania. I lost her at the age of 10 and since then not a day or minute have passed without missing her, looking for her in every twins carriage on the streets, with the same smile with which I’ve been reading your beautiful blog.
    Warm regards from Tel Aviv and huge best wishing.

    • ruchapowers

      Blessings to you and your sister’s memory Corinna. Thank you so much for following us. Hello to Tel Aviv!

  7. The TWIN Hug « thebestTWINblog

    […] Also if you found this story inspiring I found a great blog about adult twins that live on other sides of the country but tell their inspiring life story through one blog! Check it out : CLICK HERE ! […]

  8. Bean

    Lovely writing. Being a weekly follower of East Twin, West Twin, I always look forward to the blog, especially the pics. I usually look first for the images and this week found non, sighed a bit and began my read. This week stood strong without the help of any imagery. I loved the simple and honest way this was written. Such fun to get a glimpse in to your worlds and relationship through this medium.
    Your friend,

    • oami powers

      Hi Bean,

      So flattered to hear you read weekly. We’ll have a brand new post on Sunday, so come back for that. Not sure what you mean about the pictures? We’re in the middle of re-designing the site so hopefully nothing has gone horribly awry. If you are reading the blog on a mobile device you won’t get the best of the new look – check it out on a pc if you can.

      xo O

  9. spongeystef

    Just re-visited your “girls”intro ……want u 2 know how much i love u(both)
    During my underpaid, unappreciated employment as Mother I’ve have bitter moments M’self… Those bitter judgmental moments provide the fodder for my stand-up routine!!
    Keep it comin’ sister….Ur words are beautiful testimony to those of us out here in the motherhood trenches….. (STILL even tho’ I’m not on the front, it never ends)
    Oami, Love ur creative inspiring words & pix…..Just knowing ur out there makin’ STUFF does my lazy artists heart GOOD.

    • ruchapowers

      Love you my dear dear friend. Can’t taste the sweet without the BITTER right?!!

  10. Sally Kidd

    I love this blog and it’s been amazing to read. Not sure if you remember a timid girl from Nelson called Sally but I certainly remember both of you and how wonderfully exotic you both were. Oahu with her platinum blonde hair and Rucha with her fiery red.
    I now have two kids, Campbell -11 and Sylvie -9. I live in Wellington with my husband Brad and am a Peadiatric Physiotherapist.
    So lovely to catch up with your lives and I will continue to read


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