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And…. we’re back!

Just like that.

I am hoping that you’ll forgive the eight months of silence on the ETWT front. There has been  a lot happening in our personal lives  between the two of us: selling a house, buying a house, running a huge fundraiser, new jobs, fighting a good fight or two…

It’s safe to say we’ve been distracted.

But thanks to the miracle of the interwebs, this platform is just sitting here waiting patiently for one of us to climb back up on it with something important to tell the world, or to post pictures of our breakfast.

In the past I have posted here and here honoring mothers on Mothers Day. Well  here I am again on this beautiful Mother’s Day, May 10th 2015, this time  to speak to you about my friend Georgia.


I think I’ve known Georgia for a mere 6 years but she’s one of those friends who it feels like I have known my whole life. We met in a parking lot and have been soul sisters ever since. When I think of Georgia I think of like a delicious creme brulee. Hanging out and talking with her is wonderful and rich and special and even though I just get a taste of it here and there, it never feels like quite enough and I long for more time. We’ve had this on-going “tea date” for years where we finally manage in between our busy schedules to sit down for tea and bounce excitedly from subject to subject for an hour or so until it’s time to go; and then we always end with “to be continued….”

Georgia is the mother of two beautiful golden children – a daughter, 9,  who has been dear to my heart ever since our kids started in the same kindergarten class and who I am blessed to call my “goddess daughter” – and a son, 12,  who admittedly I don’t know as well but who is easily as charismatic, strong and talented as his mama.

And here is something else about Georgia. She is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

There are not enough word counts in the world to capture how I feel about this. I am sure you can imagine. It’s like a sucker punch to the gut which leaves you winded, shocked, hurt and really pissed off. Georgia herself has done an incredible job at capturing her experience of this cancer in her own words in her blog and I encourage you all to read it.

In brief: It’s been over two years time since she first was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and she has been doing an incredible job about self-care, and treatments and eating clean and doing all she can to be position of strength against this thing. Her scans have been stable and there was even some shrinkage in some of the soft tissue tumors. Hope! I have been lulled into a sleepy sense of security, sometimes known as denial, that everything is just going to “be okay.”

Well, this shit is serious. A new spot has shown up in a scan, in her organs. This woman is in the fight of her life; for her life.

Here’s the thing about Mothers, they have breasts. And breasts get cancer.

I personally know 6 women under the age of 45 that have gotten cancer diagnoses in the last 2 years.  It’s fucked up and it’s not okay, even though all these women are all still surviving. Who wants to watch the people you love battle to pass through a worldwind storm of fear, anxiety, anger and pain??! This truth is alive in my circle of women and mothers that I know.

Here’s the thing about Georgia. I made a promise on a beach in front of Mother Ocean, to her to care for her daughter as my own and that means she is in my inner sanctum. I feel morally and spiritually obliged do whatever I can to get her what she wants and needs. And what she wants and needs is more time to be a mother to her children. Until now her prescribed treatments have been working to slow the cancer growth, but now with a new spot on her liver, she requires additional immunotherapy treatment that her insurance does not cover (of course. why amercia why??).

She needs $60,000 to pay for the cost of this treatment herself. A village of support has formed around this special woman to raise these funds. I have a personal goal to raise $500 dollars towards the total goal. We have a little over a month to raise this money so that she will be poised to travel to the cancer clinic as soon as her kids are out of school for the summer.

I will be helping with a charity garage sale and a fundraiser event at a local brewery to raise money for Georgia in the next month. It’s added several more to-do’s to my  already full to-do list, but I know this is an irreplaceable chance to make a difference for this family.

Recently I’ve been thinking: I am connected with almost 100 other humans thanks to this blog, I have 400 friends on Facebook (almost all of whom are actual friends who I know and love!) – that’s a big, wonderful pool people that I am fortunate to be swimming in. If just 80 of you out there wanted to give $5 to help this mama fight for more time with her children, I would easily reach the personal goal of $500. That is the price of one cup of fancy coffee. It’s how the democrats won the white house. $5 at a time. There are so far 40 of her friends and family who have made the commitment to raising this $500 each. Ripples in a pond.

Georgia is a miracle of a human being, just as we all are, and she has touched a lot of lives in her life. Her “sister-wife” Shannon says if only 120 of Georgia’s friends committed to raise this $500 goal then the total amount can easily be raised in the next month! What if 150 people helped? Or 200?

Insurmountable challenges become actually possible as each of us reaches out to another and together we chip away at the greater whole. That’s what these “networks” really are about, I think.The math is simple and the ripples of friendship stretch far and wide.

If you would like to donate $5 to help give this mother more time with her children click here now.

If you are Sacramento local and what to attend any of the upcoming fundraising events for Georgia, click here to view the Shutterfly site where you can get details on the whats, whens and wheres.

Thanks for reading this today. I am sending one great big virtual hug to all of you out there in this world. To all you mothers, or daughters and sons of mothers. Hug a woman you love today!


With Georgia

Me, Georgia and Shelli

4 Responses to “Ripples”

  1. betty

    i’m so sorry to hear about what your dear friend is going through, rucha. thanks for sharing the link for offering some support. happy mother’s day to you and georgia!

    • ruchapowers

      Hi Betty! Long time no “see” 🙂 Thank you for your words of encouragement and support! xo

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    You are such a caring friend, Rucha. Please give Georgia some healing light from me (35 year cancer survivor).

    • ruchapowers

      Dearest Goddess Mother Jacquelyn, who taught me what it means to commit to another’s daughter. Thank you for sending your love and reminding us of the strength of the survivors of this disease. We are surrounding this woman in Loving Light. All is well.


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