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Last weekend K and I went through our myriad boxes and envelopes of photographs. It’s kind of astounding how profoundly photography has changed in the last 15 years. Remember when you had to wait a few days for your film to be developed?? Opening a photo packet felt like opening a present but usually meant a lot of disappointing images, peppered with one, or two, or three good ones. It’s funny though, now that I’m used to looking at digital images, even the bad photos were interesting to look at, with beautiful soft textures and colors that pixels on a screen can’t replicate.

Sorting through the piles, images with a certain moodiness, a mystery caught my attention. Maybe it’s that years later, they’ve been somewhat disconnected from their original context. K went through a photography phase, and some of my favorites were his. I wish he had kept up with it, he had a great eye.

We ended up throwing away hundreds of duplicates, snaps of people I don’t remember anymore, badly composed or exposed photos. Still, I think I’m going to look through our digital files, pick my favorites and have them printed.

xo O


5 Responses to “From a distance”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    I love these, Oami. I finally did a book of my poems and some photos dedicated to my Mom. I’ll show you when you come out here.

  2. betty

    i love these images that you chose to share, oami. they are beautiful! (and mysterious.)

  3. nerponline

    Royal, age 5, was playing photographer with one of my (empty) film cameras. He was happily clicking and cranking –reflex cameras make such satisfying mechanical noises– when he suddenly needed to know how he could look at the pictures he’d just taken. We ruefully mentioned the wait times to develop film and print it and how things were “really different” back in pre-digital days. He was interested but puzzled, and I wondered if as an adult he might come to appreciate silver-gelatin photos the way hipsters today are fascinated by vinyl records. If so, your nicely curated snapshot archive might be a future trove of coolness!

  4. ursula

    aw i love these. i totally agree, even the “bad” ones are interesting, sometimes all you have too and they’re precious. remember when you were taking everyone’s pic w/the land camera? i still have some of those. sending amy the one of her, kirk and jeremy (at the ruby room was kirk’s guess). i loved that polaroid album you put together too in oakland.


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