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Sweet & Sour


I’ve been struggling to write this post, mostly because I’ve been feeling a bit blue of late. The last couple of months have brought their share lovely summer moments with friends, bbq’s and home repairs with K, some exciting press for Judah Ross. But there have also been some challenges, and changes on the horizon that I haven’t been able to wrap my heart around yet. Not to mention the nonsense going on in the North Carolina government right now.

My problems aren’t any bigger than anyone else’s of course, and they are probably a lot smaller than most, still I’m having trouble shaking off the funk and getting on with the business to hand. But in the wise words of a friend of mine – “You have to keep things light though my god.  Or yeah it gets ugly quickly.”

In that spirit, when my mind becomes melancholic and I feel like retreating to bed for the day, I’ve been trying to shift my thinking from the sour to sweet (I think this is turning into a family project – my sister wrote about her gratitude list here, and I mentioned the subject here and here).  So maybe the subject bears repeating because truly, there is SO much sweet:

Picking (and eating) our first tomato.


Our stout little fig tree, which has over 60! figs growing on it.

Finding out that the toad is still alive.


Watching a clutch of baby birds hatch and open their eyes.




Ramen for lunch when K was out of town.


The grilled trout he made when he got back.


Bowling with Dave & Molly.


Dave’s mint juleps.


Street fireworks with the Esser clan.


Dinner at Capital Club 16 with Kelly, Joelle, Jen & Chris for Kelly’s birthday.

photo 5

Photo by Joelle Marlene Collins

Fixing the hole in our garage roof with K.

Teaching Rosie to shake.

Rosie’s face.


Stella’s face (and her buddy Cleveland’s).


Working with Lissa, Jessie & Liz on these pictures.

A visit from Betty, Ed & Clement who I’ve never met in person, but who already feel like old friends.

Seeing a Nick Cave sound suit at the North Carolina Museum of Art.


The days that it didn’t rain.

The light when it did.


xo O

7 Responses to “Sweet & Sour”

  1. Sandra

    Your post cheered my heart. Thanks for reminding me about gratitude! You made Meera laugh as well to see Rosie learn to shake!

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    If we didn’t have sour, we would not have sweet. You made a lovely poem with pictures of your sour and sweet. Take care of yourself! Much love, GMJ

  3. ruchapowers

    I agree with everything that they said above and this post IS really sweet. I see lots of good times -disco bowling and mint juleps! – and good friends. Your dogs are too much, and unlike my kids they actually do what you say! HA! Love you…and p.s please make me some of that yummy ramen next time I see you! xoxoxo

  4. Czesa Labedzki Belson

    Thank you, Oami, for reminding me of all the good that sometimes we don’t even realize is there . 🙂

  5. cowboykitty

    you saw all that loveliness?!those pictures are inspiring and certainly provided a dose of goodness – thinking of you and thinking of your beautiful mom as i hunker down with my nursing books. xo

  6. betty

    Oh, Oami… it was definitely sweet for me to finally meet you. I was nervous, but you were you… genuine, like you are on this blog, in this post. After a minute I felt like I’d known you forever. Looking forward to when you can make your way up here for a visit. xoxo


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