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Dear, patient readers, here for your amusement & edification, another installment of link love – A.K.A what’s caught my interest while bouncing around the interwebs.

The new website of my photographer/friend Lissa Gotwals. She’s the talented woman behind these photos of me, as well as the Judah Ross Fall 2012 pictures. She also helped me out with the product shots for the online shop – you can check out the results with the Spring/Summer line here.

156 lowres224 lowres

While looking around at product photography, I recently stumbled across an accessories line called SuTurno, who do a brilliant job with theirs. I especially love this image (something about it reminds me of you Rucha).

Abigail Doan’s Instagram and Tumbler feeds.

My dear friend Sonya’s newest collaboration We Are Loud Whispers releases their debut album. You can listen to it here.

And, via Sonya (though she posted weeks ago and I’ve been too distracted to read it until tonight), this article about how the internet has ruined our attention spans.

A spicy, savory accompaniment to tequila? Sign me up!

Still totally smitten with this shop, which I visited while I was in Oakland. I felt a little dizzy in there, surrounded by so many gorgeous baubles. It’s probably a good thing I live on the other side of the country.

Adding fuel to my obsession with the city Nashville, the show has become a guilty pleasure of mine – after falling in love with Connie Britton in Friday Night Lights I’ll watch her in just about anything. Nashville is a glorified soap opera, but the acting is solid, and a lot of the music is great. The scene where Rayna’s (Connie Britton) daughters perform a cover of The Lumineer’s Hey Ho is a killer:

And if that wasn’t enough cuteness, the other day I was catching up on Erin Loechner’s blog Design for Mankind, where she mentioned a interview on So, How Was Your Day. Down the rabbit hole I went and it ended with this:

Okay, and now that I have you on the ropes, there’s the latest episode of Radio Lab. Stick with it, it’s worth it I promise, I’m not just torturing you.

23 Weeks 6 Days – Radiolab.

xo O

4 Responses to “Link it Up”

  1. betty

    just listened to we are loud whispers and loved it. also enjoyed the george saunders link. and, yes, you do look beautiful in your judah ross and red hair!


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