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Sunday Journal


A friend of mine, bless her heart, reminded me today about the practice of the gratitude list. A yes, a brief daily review of all that is well and good.                    Just 10 things she said. Due to the weekend’s swirl of domestic turbulence and mundane obligations, I really needed her suggestion today; I needed a new lens to focus through.

So ,this is what I am thankful for today:

good morning Calandrinia spectabilis!

good morning Calandrinia spectabilis!

1. The warm weather is here! Time to lower the screen shades over the porches and get the watering done early in the day. 92 degrees was the high but it came with a balmy wind, a perfectly dreamy combination….

2. Morning time in the garden. A day like this is too hot to do any real work. Upkeep involves strolling past each of the beds, checking for snail damage (minimal today) and for emerging seedlings (none yet). It’s the best time to admire what’s blooming before the heat of the day wraps its coma around the garden. And there is SO much to admire… the glory of high spring is here!

blooming blue gentian, Anagallis monellii, "Blue Pimpernell".

blooming blue gentian, Anagallis monellii, “Blue Pimpernell”.

Oh! Penstemon Palmerii (CA native snapdragon)  How do I love thee?...let me count the ways...

Oh! Penstemon Palmerii (CA native snapdragon)
How do I love thee?…let me count the ways…

My periwinkle starter (variegated Vinca) bloomed! / The return of the spotted Agave! (I thought I lost this one to winter frost.)

My periwinkle starter (variegated Vinca) bloomed!  and the return of the spotted Agave! (I thought I lost this one to winter frost.)

3. Book group meeting today! Every six weeks or so I get to get together with an excellent group of women in the charming Clarksburg home of one of our members. It’s a lovely country home with a glorious back porch that looks out into the the surrounding fields of grapevines. My friend is a generous host, the food is always delicious, the art on the walls and the whimsical touches make her home welcoming and fascinating. The company is terrific…and we even sometimes get around to talking about the book!


back porch view...

back porch view…



the gnome of the garden, Clarksburg.

an artful home

an artful home

4. Reading. I am always in awe of a well-written novel and how easy it can be to escape into one. I forget how much I like to simply hole up in my bedroom and disappear into someone else’s story. It doesn’t happen all that often but when it does I’m grateful for the break it gives me. I’m still reading our book group choice for last month, “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain. Emotionally engaging, and spot on in both tone and voice I’m sure I’ll be recommending it to friends…once I actually finish it!

5. Swimming season has started. Well, not quite yet  for me (mama needs the water a little warmer) but my kids had back to back swimming invitations today and spent their time jumping in and out of the water like happy little otters. I think the almost five year old will finally become a proficient swimmer this summer, always a comforting achievement.



Cali style, patio livin’


6. Outdoor living: Coffee in the morning sun, dinner with friends on the patio in the late afternoon sun and that hammock sure is looking appealing for napping. The activity of our household spills into the outdoor spaces this time of year and somehow everything is better….

7. Good friends who are like family and make space for us at the drop of a hat, in their home, in their hearts and at their table. It’s not always easy this life, but it sure is sweeter with the company of old friends.

all caught up in our good read...

all caught up in our good read…

8.  I am also grateful for newer friends who are loving and open, willing to listen and patient enough to hang around with me no matter what stage of the roller coaster I happen to be on. Also thanks for not holding my potty mouth against me. You know who you are and I love you for it!

9. My husband. I know our life together was written on the stars before I ever even met you. So that’s that. Even in the hardest struggle. Always and forever. Thanks for a good day today.xo

10. My children: smart, funny, beautiful, angry, challenging, fierce  thoughtful, loving and intense. They turn my life inside-out on a daily basis, they define my life in their presence and their absence. I have been and always will be, forever changed and marked by them.

And for that, I am grateful.

Happy Sunday, over and out.

15 Responses to “Sunday Journal”

  1. Aunt Diana

    What a splendid catalogue. I feel very grateful that you have so many lovely things to be grateful for. xx to you all

    • ruchapowers

      Thank you Auntie. It really worked! I feel so much more satisfied when I focus on what’s good in my day. Simple, but easy to forget. Hope you are feeling well and wonderful too? I’m also grateful for family to care about, and be cared about, near and far. xo

    • ruchapowers

      Did you start your list yet?! Your friends are just a phone call away…I’m always here for ya honey. Big hugs!

  2. Jenni

    Hello Dear Friend,

    If it wasn’t 7:30 a.m. your time, I’d call. If your house is anything like mine in the morning, 7:30 am is as hectic as 7:30 pm. I am so grateful to have friends (even far away) who are honest and willing to share. Love and miss you. Hugs.


    • ruchapowers

      I’m up at 6:30 usually, maybe we should try to chat at that time?…oh but wait I think that it’s your 7:30 then!! Miss you dear dear friend, you should be kicking it poolside with us. I am REALLY looking forward to spending time with you this summer….you’re still coming right?! xo

  3. nlabedzki

    Nice photos/blog but my hand with the cookies didn’t make the cut, bummer.

    • ruchapowers

      Check my Instagram! It’s a great shot, it’s on there. I’ll show you. Thanks for all your generosity!

    • ruchapowers

      Thank. you. For everything. You know who you are. xo

  4. maryb

    What a great reminder!! And I love the pictures! You are on my list sister!! Love you!

  5. oami powers

    I’m so proud of you for continuing to look to the beauties and the joys in your day, even when it’s not your first impulse. And I’m also so, so proud of you for sticking with the running. Good work!!!

    • ruchapowers

      Hey Ursula, yeah I really liked reading it for the descriptions of the bohemian lifestyle and all the historical figures involved. I powered through it. I would certainly recommend it but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth for poor Mrs. Hemingway and the general oppression of an artist’s wife….

  6. Sweet & Sour | East Twin West Twin

    […] (I think this is turning into a family project – my sister wrote about her gratitude list here, and I mentioned the subject here and here).  So maybe the subject bears repeating because truly, […]


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