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Pixie dust and flying worms



Spring has arrived, and along with the warmer weather, rain, and spring blooms comes….pollen. If you haven’t experienced this annual phenomena it’s hard to explain just how dramatic it is – pictures don’t really capture the florescent green dust that blows around, coating cars and staining run off from the rain chartreuse.


Then, just as the pollen levels start to fall off slightly it becomes almost impossible to get across the yard without picking up a tiny jade hitchhiker – clouds of inchworms float on gossamer threads from the oak trees.


Another explosive spring player are azaleas – the rest of the year these shrubs are, to my mind, unassuming to the point of being boring – but now they are covered in showy, tropical looking flowers. I love that the white ones have green freckles inside.


And despite the rain and occasional chilly day, the sun is often out – often enough that K has put the hammock out (one of my favorite warm weather rituals).


And what post from me would be complete without the obligatory dog pictures? Rosie’s been enjoying the sun too..


And Stella …Stella has been enjoying the wildlife. She treed a baby possum tonight, almost knocking the fence over in the process. The poor creature looked pretty traumatized, but I couldn’t help but be the tiniest bit proud of her hunting prowess.





Today K and I planted seeds in the front beds  – sunflowers, wild flowers, and basil. I dropped a pinch of itty black basil seeds in each hole, their incredible spicy aroma making me giddy. Thinking back about this post, with it’s images of the ice covered yard just three months ago makes this season seem even more magical, like our own little Secret Garden, coming to life.

xo O

5 Responses to “Pixie dust and flying worms”

  1. ursula

    rosie! she’s so funny looking. it makes me smile every time you post a picture of her. can’t wait to see your gardens some day oami. xoxox
    oh! as i was weeding over the weekend wondered if you guys let ANY weeds flourish. or is that nuts? i leave clover and what looks like sweet pea but it’s a smaller version. a vining weed with pretty flowers. how about you?

    • oami powers

      A good chunk of our yard is weeds – no due to any plan, just lack of resources/time 🙂 We have a variety of violets that are new to me that grow in the front, buttercups and clover in the lawn, ivy and vinca, plus a bunch of stuff I don’t know. …You should ask K or Rucha but I think some weeds, like clover are actually good cover crops.

  2. Sandra

    Rosie and the baby possum should team up! And wow! Stella looks like a stunna’ filled with prowess in that picture.

    Nice to hear your appreciative view of pollen versus my anxiety allergy laden view. Love/ hate spring!

  3. nerponline

    Your title is wonderful! The inchworms themselves maybe not so much.


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