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Life in pictures


Even though I arrived safely back in Raleigh on Wednesday night (the return flight being much less eventful than the flight out) what with playing catch up for Judah Ross and my part time job, today feels like my first day back at home. I’m unpacking, doing laundry, washing the dogs and looking at the photos from the trip (of which there are MANY). It was so much fun to see everyone, family & friends, and I left feeling incredibly blessed for the beautiful people in my life. These are my favorites of the pictures – I forgot to bring my big fancy camera, so they were all taken with my cell phone. I’ve already shared some of them on Instagram, so apologies to folks who follow me there. At least you’ll get to see the un-cropped versions!


IMG_1493IMG_1551IMG_1553IMG_1691IMG_1692IMG_1491IMG_1489IMG_1486IMG_1530 IMG_1541



Cousins! (and Keith)


Sacramento & Placerville:


xo O

2 Responses to “Life in pictures”

  1. ruchapowers

    I love this post. It’s like seeing all the daily beauty of our lives through your eyes; the things that make ‘home’, home. It helps me to enjoy the memeory of seeing you all over again, looking at your beautiful pictures. I miss you already.xo


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