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The twins are 40!


west twin aka rucha, pontificating (as usual!), circa 1980

west twin aka rucha, pontificating (as usual!), circa 1980

I can barely believe it, I still remember our girlhood days in Berkeley spent drawing and dressing up and playing making-believe until the street lights came on and the lentil stew was ready for dinner! Now here we are, entering a new decade (“the best years” according to most of our compatriots) and a new dawn of personal growth perhaps? In my opinion it’s a lovely that touch that this year our birthday falls during the celebrations of Spring; when we honor the re-birth of life, the resurgence of vital energy and the promise of new beginnings. Very inspiring!

I’m so very happy to be enjoying this time with my sister live-and-in-person that I don’t want to spend too much time on this here keyboard today so I’ll keep it short, but since we are in the same place together it only makes sense to ask her how she’s feeling about this fortieth too…


east twin aka oami, reading on the couch, circa 1980


I don’t know, I have mixed emotions about turning forty. Does anyone feel really good about it?? Surely in your forties you’ve gained experience and confidence about life and you’re kind of in a groove. But. But……

I think the biggest thing that’s throwing me is that I’m losing that sense of limitless time. I’m accustomed to feeling that the bulk of my life is ahead of me, stretching out like a wide gleaming road of potential.It’s not as if the possibilities life holds are gone, I know that, but let’s face it if I haven’t walked the Pacific Coast Trail by now, the chances that I will do it are exponentially diminishing.

Maybe it’s a good thing? Like when you take a week off from work – the week starts with an ambitious to do list, all the things you’ve been putting off, you’re going to check them off. But you don’t need to get started right away, after all you have a whole week……you see where I’m going with this. It’s only really at the end that you really get anything done. Except for my dad of course, but he’s the exception that proves the rule…



Yeah, what she said! Our dad recently retired and is entering a new era of his own- that of getting all his lifelong to-do lists done perhaps?!

I’m with Oami though, it does suddenly feel that the time to do all those things we’ve been dreaming of is Now. I am so impressed with her new running regime (she was up and out the door this morning, greeting the day in her sneakers before my kids even discovered their goodie-filled baskets!) that I think I need to Carpe Diem some of my “impossible” goals as well.

So here’s to 40. We’ve come a long way, and there is even more good stuff to come. I can feel it in my old bones!

Happy Birthday to Us!





13 Responses to “The twins are 40!”

  1. Kelly

    A very happy birthday (and Easter) to the sisters. Enjoy this time together. All the best in your 40’s–I would agree it is a decade of growth and deepening. xoxo

  2. Michele march

    Happy Birthday to the East/West twins! So happy that you can be together for this lovely occasion. And grateful that you keep up this inspiring blog for us all to enjoy!! : )

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks Michele! So glad to see you on here reading us! Hope you are better now, well and wonderful and back at the world?

  3. evaginnell

    Rucha and Oami – a very happy birthday to you two. How lovely to be spending it together! It is a special one, turning forty (or turning any new decade, really). Here is to the wide gleaming road of potential.

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks for your well wishes Eva! I’m so inspired by all the creative, interesting women I know (and you are one of them!) that are only getting better and better, into their forties and beyond. Looking forward to walking that road too.

  4. Freda Powers

    Hey! Remember that as you two “age”, the rest of us are aging too. I remember my 40th year as the most significant. May you have many of them! with love from G’ma.

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks for commenting on here Grandma, that’s so sweet! You are my hero of longevity. May we both have many years more. xoxo – Rucha

  5. betty

    happy birthday rucha and oami! the kid photos are awesome, and that top one is magic. i hope you had a great day.

  6. oami powers

    Thanks everyone…and a huge, unending thank you to my California friends and family – I felt so loved and cherished during my visit. xxxooo

  7. ursula

    it was great to see you oami .. you both look more beautiful than ever by the way. fun to go jogging with you too! rucha i have an old polaroid of you i want to send. your hair is shoulder length, black, straight .. you were modeling for me.

    • ruchapowers

      You went jogging together?! Good for you. Hey, any black tulips for you this year? I’ve been enjoying mine. So gothic!


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