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TV Dinner


So I’ve started to suspect over the last couple of weeks that K and are foodies. Yes, I know we make our morning coffee in a moka, and that I often make corn tortillas for our weekly taco dinners but I mean come on, doesn’t every one? The thing that really tipped me off was our contingency plan for dinners during my latest round of 14 hour a day, 7 days a week work schedule. We decided that rather than go out to eat, we’d stock up on frozen meals from Trader Joe’s. For the first couple of days I didn’t much mind, glorying in the simplicity and speed of being able to pop the little container of food in the oven (note I said oven, not microwave. We don’t own one, clue #462) and pulling it out 15 minutes later, ready to eat. Plus, no dishes!!

But, after a couple of weeks of that, I’ll honestly be glad if I never see a plastic covered black tray again in my life. So when K offered to dust off the grill this weekend and make a beer can chicken I was practically weak at the knees. For those of you who are fellow foodies and might want to try out this method for making a tender, juicy and intensely flavored bird, here’s his recipe:

Grilling is a technique that I know almost nothing about, so I also asked him to jot down some notes on the process, and here’s what he said:

“Fill up the chimney about half way with briquets- light em.
Get a 2 to 3 inch deep pan…fill it with water or soda. Put it under the part of the grill where you’ll have the chicken.
Soak some wood chips in water.
Once the top layer of coals are ashy pour them into the bbq. spread em out and then put another 8 briquets on top.
Put the grill on the bbq and open the vents wide and close the lid.
Give it 5 minutes then brush the grill with a wire brush, move this part of the grill over the water tray and then brush some oil/grease onto the grill.
Put the chicken on the grill over the water tray- standing up.
Close down the vents so there’s just a 1/4 inch opening. Throw 1.5 cups of wood chips onto the coals. Close the lid and don’t open it again until it’s stopped smoking (30 to 40 minutes). Make sure the temp is between 175 to 225.
When it’s stopped smoking then open it up and turn the chicken halfway, put 8 more briquets on top and put another 1.5 cups of wood chips on the coals. Close it up again and smoke it.
After 1.5 to 2 hours of smoking that should be it- now just keep cooking with the lid closed and temp  the same for however long required…it’s around 60 minutes per pound.”
I have a pile of dishes to do, but man was it worth it!
Oh, and for those of you who were wondering what I’ve been up to me ‘n Judah Ross have been making the news – here, here & here.
xo O

20 Responses to “TV Dinner”

  1. Ali

    We don’t have a microwave either (though I secretly want one). I’ve never tried beer can chicken before, though it’s been on my list. This may be the push for me to do it! Do you have to use a tall boy or can you use a regular size can?

    • oami powers

      Hey Ali! I think you need the tall one to give it enough stability to stand up on the grill. Let me know how it goes if you try it. For anyone that doesn’t know Ali, she’s half of This & That Jam and is co-authoring a cookbook called Starting Fresh, a seasonal cookbook celebrating the Durham food scene:

  2. Aunt Diana

    Oh I do hope I can come and visit this famous person! It seems like you are really making your name in Raleigh – all that hard work paying off at last? I’m so delighted for you.

  3. alicia

    What spectacular media coverage, Oami! Congratulations. Trousers on the way? Cannot wait to see them.

    And that bird- so glad to see you generously gave him a last drink. Looks scrumptious. Know that admitting your foodi-ness does not require you recover from it though; homemade tortilla onward.

    • oami powers

      Oh I think we’re incorrigible on that front. I’m sending you an email in the next day or two by the way, with plans…

  4. Jacquelyn Marie

    Dear Oami, I am more and more impressed by you. You do great interviews, write beautifully and design magnificently and simply. Amazing woman!
    And I am so glad you have found your niche in North Carolina midst those creative women.

  5. betty

    I am a coffee fiend, so I am impressed by the moka. I don’t think I’ve ever heard about this beer can technique. The results look tasty! There was a microwave in our house when we moved in. We donated it. Congratulations on the press… I really enjoyed the interview.

    • oami powers

      Thanks Betty! I really love this chicken – it’s juicy but the skin gets super smoky and crispy. We used the left overs to make tacos (just heated & browned in a pan with some onion & garlic) and the bones for stock.

  6. Sandra

    Girl! I hope you are bringing some clothes out to Cali with you when you visit. I want to buy some beautiful blouses! Let’s discuss…

    • oami powers

      Hey lady! I wasn’t planning on bringing much but let me know what you’re looking at and I can throw some things in the suitcase…

  7. Fran Newcross

    Super blog. I read every one of the “here” s. Read like good exposure for you and JudahRoss! I really enjoyed seeing the fruit’s of Kirk’s Sunday labor. Looking so crispily succulent. I’m printing those instructions. Sounds much like the yummy ribs he did last Sept. Thanks for sharing.


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