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Life in Pictures

Ever since I replaced my aging iPhone with a newer model (with functioning camera) and got completely obsessed with Instagram (now literally a daily addiction) my fancy camera has been tucked away, virtually unused. I like the pictures I take with it so much more, but the simple immediacy of the phone is hard to beat.

Looking at the hundred-odd images I’ve taken it’s easy to see the theme of my days – food, work, dogs, and (lately) exercise.

I just started the Couch to 5K program to my shock I’ve been loving it – I seriously never pictured myself running. Yoga sure, running not so much. The sepia shot of the line of ladies in bathing gear hangs on the wall at the Y. I love their expressions, their hair do’s, and the little girl peaking through their legs.

The weather has been all over the place – snowing and cold, then sunny and almost warm enough to shed sweaters and coats. The spring flowers are starting to show up, though not the 50 odd bulbs I planted in our front bed in January. Fingers crossed they’ve survived the voles.

I’m working on my Fall ’13 wholesale collection for Judah Ross, plus working out what will go in my online shop for spring. With breaks for Project Runway and Nashville of course!

Today is actually a pretty special day; it’s our 12th wedding anniversary. I’m excited, and also kind of tripping out about it – hard to believe, it’s gone by so fast. We’ll be going out for drinks & sushi tonight to celebrate. I’m sure I’ll be posting it on Instagram!

xo O


9 Responses to “Life in Pictures”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    Yea, Oami. Love your photos! And running!! Good for you! Can’t wait to see you next month.

    • oami powers

      I’m really excited to see you too Jacquelyn! I know, running so weird right? Although truthfully it’s more like jogging than running at the moment. Just finished week 2. Whoot!

  2. Sandra

    Have a wonderful anniversary!!! Love you! Nice to see these little snapshots of your life. That Rosey makes Meera laugh every time!

  3. betty

    happy anniversary oami. (time goes fast when you’re having fun!) i always love your photos.

  4. Fran Newcross

    Hi Sweety,I always enjoy your pics, show your perspective. Nice! Thanx 4 sharing. When I see you, perhaps you can show me instagram? ;>)

    • oami powers

      Hey Fran! Thanks so much for your sweet notes lately. I’d be happy to show you Instagram when I see you (in a couple of weeks!)

  5. RuchaPowers

    I love that each of these pictures conveys so sweetly little pieces of your life in NC. Looks like you are having a good one. Happy Anniversary to you two!!


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