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Welcome, 2013.

Hey People, the Twins are back! All bright and shiny. Bet your Sundays weren’t the same without us right?! Welcome to our new look and updated site, we’re really excited about the changes and hope that you will be too. I am especially tickled that we are including more hand-drawn art work by my sister Oami. She is incredibly talented in so many areas but I have always loved her ability to draw best. I can’t wait to watch her drawing a day  project unfold!

A new year is the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs, shake out the sheets and get our selves organized for the next ride around the sun. A lot happened in 2012, almost too much to even speak about. It feels like a collective anxiety attack just happened to the entire world. And now here we are, breathing a few deep breathes.  All together – Big cleansing breathes.

Besides y’all, there are good days ahead because…

We’re going be thirteen!!

Thirteen, as I remember, is such an age of excitement and joy and curious interest in the world. True it is also the calm before the storm. But that’s what makes it beautiful. My oldest son born in January of the year 2000 is turning thirteen in a couple of weeks, and the shift is already happening because he’s a teenager now.

He runs shopping errands with confidence on that new bike of his; he changed the bulb for the headlight on the car all on his own (with a little help from YouTube); he has a house-key, a bank account and a new attitude. He is growing up. Maturity is (hopefully) on the way. I am turning forty this year, and the same could (hopefully) be said for me. A new era is dawning!

What I’m saying World is this: I have a good feeling about 2013. I think it’s the year that collectively we take (yet another) deep breath and, grow up. We’re gonna be all about Love this year people. Self-love, love for others and expressed appreciation for those around us. We are going to take care of ourselves and each other this year. Okay?

It seems as if all these things have some quality in common: entering adolescence, entering middle age, and the Dawn of new global Age(or whathaveyou). It’s about maturity, enthusiasm, and responsibility. The thirteen year-olds that I know are full of grand dreams and the drive (at least for now) to go achieve them. They are excited about an optimistic Future.

What I am thinking is, if they can do it so can we. Whadda ya say World? It ‘s going to take a hefty dose of support, encouragement, willpower and planning but I think we can raise ourselves up to be kinder, wiser,  more mature People. I think we can embrace the work of 2013, and step onto the path of becoming more fully human.

So…One thing that I know that helps with this is to get a shot of creative inspiration every day. Whether it’s journaling (I’m trying) or photography or cooking or drawing or sewing or whatever. It does wonders for the soul. The jury is still out as to whether, in this wired world, Instagram-ing counts as a creative endeavor but I just finished a photo-a-day journal and I can say that even the simple task of having a ‘prompt’ through which to see the world, stimulated my imagination and got my creative thoughts flowing. And that does a body good.

In that case, whatever project or task or positive daily ritual that You committed to for this new year no matter how small, let’s help each other stick to it. As long as it helps you feel better and it’s a healthful addition to your life, then it counts for The Good (for a really excellent example of this philosophy, check out Michael Moore’s recent statement about taking daily walks). And as a benefit we’ll all end up being better role models for our teenagers don’t you think?

Anyway, as for the rest of my really deep thoughts about the age and epoch of 2013, I’d like to just share some of my favorite shots from my photo journal; the ones that capture the best moments of my family life during this season of celebration, resolution and transition. I’ll just say,

“this happened”:








10 Responses to “Welcome, 2013.”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    I loved your photo a day, Rucha. Your creativity, wonder at the world and your compassion and love will surely help our planet and ourselves in 13.

    Can’t believe Maceo is also entering that magic number!!

    • ruchapowers

      Dearest Goddess Mother Jacquelyn, I did a little more research after I wrote this piece and discovered that 13 is indeed a sacred and holy number with many magical connections to the natural world.In fact all Life is created from 13 chromosomes in the sperm and 13 chromosomes in the ovum. That is so cool right??! Thank you for your positive feedback (always!) and your support. Hope to see you soon in 2013!

  2. Sandra

    13 is the number of The Mother. Magical indeed! This should probably be the year I get that “13” tattoo I’ve wanted for long…thanks for the inspiration dear Rucha!

  3. evaginnell

    Thanks for your up-beat intro to the new year. A blank slate, right? All good things about to happen. Looking forward to following you here (or in real life, of course!)

    • ruchapowers

      Hey Eva, thanks for coming back to check out the blog. I haven’t seen you yet in person to wish you a Happy new year so I’ll do it here! Hope to catch up with you soon.

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks Betty! Welcome ‘back’ to one of our regular readers! Hope your New Year is starting off well. cheers, Rucha

  4. oami powers

    I really, truly, cannot believe that Maceo is turning 13. At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I remember when he was just starting to walk like it was yesterday.

    • ruchapowers

      How do you think I feel?? Precisely like a old lady! I just hope people start saying “you look to young to have a teenager!” Besides, I think all that WAS just yesterday wasn’t it??


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