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Handmade Market

Simple Pencil skirts ready just in time for Saturday’s show.


The thing about having one’s own business is that work some times (well okay, often) expands past the bounds of a regular 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule. This past Saturday was the Handmade Market, which regular readers will know from previous posts is the one-day craft show in downtown Raleigh where I’ve been hawking my clothes twice a year since we moved here. And regular readers will remember that the weeks leading up to the market consist of a lot of late nights, copious quantities of coffee and the aid of a really good under eye concealer. This time around was no exception, and worn out, I spent the day yesterday ensconced on the couch with movies being catered to by my loving hubby, resulting the in the late delivery of this missive.

A strictly medicinal glass of wine, mags, and a seriously amazing bath bomb (more on that in a minute)

 Though the run up to Handmade is intense, the day itself is always so much fun. I get to chit chat with my fellow makers & friends, and visit with my wonderful customers, many of whom are regulars now.

Besides all my regular favorites, there were some new vendors whose work I liked a lot. Curtis Blake who had some really beautiful leather goods (if you click on the link you can see my mannequin in the background of the cover photo on his facebook page) and right across from me was Daphne of the High Fiber Co. who makes a sweet line of food themed home wares. I thought this pillow with it’s teeny tiny root vegetables was so cute:

K and I each fell in love with the work of a printmaker; he with Eric Leland’s and I with Aijung Kim’s. And while Eric has a great website, and I guffawed in public when I saw this, Aijung’s prints were the ones that really floored me:

If I can I sneak in a little shopping. Liz had told me how much she loves Parrish Soap House’s lotion bar, so I swung by their booth and picked one up in the new push up format. And boy, let me tell you, I think this is officially the beginning of a serious addiction. Between that and the AMAZING handmade bath bomb I got from my esthetician and used Sunday, my dry, sensitive skin is feeling completely hydrated and silky smooth.

And the anatomically accurate needle felted miniature human heart? That wooly goodness is came from Sarah of Once Again Sam. She said the life sized version is her best seller! I’m going to put mine on a pretty piece of ribbon and hang it on my studio wall.

And what’s next up you ask? This week will be all about sustainable fashion, culminating in the other big event of my month, Fashion a Better World. I may need another bath bomb and medicinal glass of wine because I’ll be standing up in front of a crowd of about 100-150 people, and sharing my story (eep!) and six looks from the Redress collection with them.

Being on stage and speaking to a crowd is about the scariest thing I can think of. Seriously, my stomach is clenching just thinking about it. If I can make it through this without throwing up or having a panic attack it’ll be a miracle! I’ll leave you with a couple of the pictures that will be showing behind me while I speak:

xo O

6 Responses to “Handmade Market”

  1. betty

    handmade market sounds like fun. i would like to visit raleigh one day. good luck on your talk! those last two photos of yourself, which you say are going to be shown behind you as you speak, are seriously beautiful. those photos alone speak volumes.

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    Whenever I spoke, I always liked “show and tell.” And you’ve got that covered with those lovely photos. When is the big event so I can send you lots of light and energy and song.

  3. Fran Newcross

    Good Blog! Newsy and I really like your pics. Good to hear things are going well. Deep breathing before the public speaking event helps and so does looking at a friendly face or 2 in the sea of faces.Love 😉

  4. RuchaPowers

    I like what Betty said, the photos are beautiful, focused an poised…just like you will be speaking in person! Also, I love the felted heart! It reminds me of a sexual health class that was taught at one of the Waldorf high schools once where the teacher (a friend) used a handmade felted uterus as a teaching aid!! Great post, thanks for keeping us up on your doings… I know it’s not easy working outside of the 9-5, Mon-Fri gig but I guess the trade off is the freedom (yeah?) and the right to a good medicinal wine whenever you like….Love YA!

  5. oami powers

    Thanks for all the tips on public speaking everyone, it actually went ok…I didn’t throw up or pass out, I was able to speak without notes and with a degree of conviction. And now I feel like I could even do it again if necessary. Feels pretty amazing to conquer a fear like that, especially at this stage of the game….


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