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Weekend Life


The trouble with sharing a blog with a sister who is a talented writer is that I’m in the position of following posts like last week’s. What on earth could I say that would even come close to being as brilliant and spot-on?  Nobody wants to be the girl going on stage after Margaret Cho or Sarah Silverman. I think my twin needs to seriously consider looking for ways to introduce her writing to a wider audience. Don’t you?

In the meantime we shall have to soldier on, and content ourselves with some tidbits from the last two weeks on this side of the fence.

We’ve had some surprise visitors, the guy above, who turns up every couple of nights on our back deck, and this beauty that popped up in our backyard:


K made these buttermilk pancakes:

And I’ve been tempted to try my hand and this and these.

I’ve been loving reading this blog, which inspired me to take this photo:

I thought this was juicy.

So was this:

Really, it’s hard living in the presence of such cuteness:

The ears….

Maybe this and these would make me just as cute?

I added these to the shop, my new favorites:

K wants to invest in one of these and decided I need to buy this in bulk.

I was sad that I missed this. But very glad that I got to vacuum my living room and watch the latest Project Runway and many episodes of Master Chef with K.

xo O

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4 Responses to “Weekend Life”

  1. Aunt Diana

    You are as eloquent with photos as Rucha with words – a perfect balance, I’d say. It’s a joy catching up with each of my two creative nieces every fortnight.

  2. spongeystef

    Hey gal …so glad 2 kno u…i don’t often respond/ either twin’s brilliant commentary.want u 2kno I concur. In ref. 2 sissy’s wantchav2kno how completely I enjoy your twinny missives from the right coast. Each o u are made esp.more punchy with the other as a foil.
    Love ya…..u brill artiste !

    • ruchapowers

      Can’t quite figure out how to comment from my phone so I am going to piggyback on Stef’s comment. You are an amazing artist, which even comes through in your flower bouquet and your photo of a pancake! I love when you post about your life,and current likes, it’s the next best thing so sitting down for a cup of coffee and flipping through the topics of our daily lives….when was the last time we did that??? Great links too…I absolutely LOVE the nap pillow thingy and anything involving tapioca is great with me! Enjoy all the good stuff. xoxo

  3. oami powers

    Thank you, lovely women. I was shooting for that pic of the pancake looking like the moon in the sky! Ha! Can’t you just imagine Keith sleeping in the nap pillow?


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