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I have a Style Crush too…


What does a little sister do but copy her big sister right? It’s true that the 20 minutes of time between me and my twin sister puts her in the lead chronologically AND stylistically….I’ve always felt she is ahead of my game with her taste level and her sophisticated eye for design. Maybe she’s my Anna Wintour? (am I her Grace Coddington??) Anyway, in  last week’s post she proved that her instinct for style is inspired by some of the most iconic and unique women in modern history. I knew it!

She in turn  inspired me to think about who and what gets me excited in the world of style and fashion  (and gave me a good excuse to screw around on Pintrest for a couple of days!). What I discovered is that far from having a streamlined and definable aesthetic, I tend to careen through a mash-up of influences, eras, and  style-heroines. If I had my way (and unlimited time and funds) I’d own a pair of Prada shoes,  dress like a harajuku teenager and start a collection of vintage aprons. Alas, I’ve got to work with what I’ve got: an over-active imagination, a thrift-store budget and the daily inspiration of my style crushes…

My dream outfit. Can I have one of these for every day of the week?

I have a slight obsession with a ‘modern’ take on Victorian styling. I love the dramatic hair, fitted blazer and neck piece. But I think this might be too much cleavage  and panties for an average day of carpooling, don’t you?

If I wasn’t me…I’d be Julie Andrews. Neat, prim, feminine but still always uniquely herself. To me she reads like an iron fist in a starched dress…

Harajuku perfection

If I could have got away with this on the streets of Nelson, New Zealand when I was 14, I TOTALLY would have….oh wait, maybe I did?!

Couldn’t resist one more. Love the combination of the patterns, the layers, the feathery accessories, the softer color palette and the gentlemen in the suits on the crosswalk behind her!

A double-dose of Fabulous. Loretta Lynn and Zooey Deschanel – both total style icons (and check out the lace, great minds think alike) together on one couch!

In my estimation, the most beautiful woman in the world, Christy Turlington…I’ve wanted to be able to pose like her since I was 12 years old.

Socks and heels…YES!

more Mary-Poppins goodness…

Aprons rock!

Love the sheer apron, love the impossible shoes, love the tidy little silhouette of the dress. I’m not sure where she is going dressed like that, but I want to go too…

Can I also be Selma Blair for a day?…

…just to go where Selma Blair does, and get to wear what Selma Blair does…bedazzled jumpsuit with pockets?!! Hello!!

More fantastic Victorian-esque steampunk fashion. I want a bustle.

More adorable Heidi hair…

if I ever cut my dreads, I’m doing this….

I have a little bit of a secret Preppy crush…

with a classic, grown-up twist…

or a funky dready twist…

I’m starting to feel pretty sloppy right about now, sitting and pasting all these pretty pics while still in my funky sweats and holey tank top. Time to get up and hit the closet…I’m inspired! And isn’t that what style is all about, the expression of self through clothing, taking what we see and love in the world around us and somehow making it our own? But wait, no post on style-crushes would be complete without mentioning my real -life, flesh and blood fashion icon, the incomparable Ms. Pattie.  Regular readers of ETWT may have met Pattie before in this post when I photographed her outfits every day for a week. Ms. Pattie works at my children’s school and so each morning I’m excited to see what she has on and how she pulls off the cutest combinations. For the record Pattie is a mother, a grandmother, drives a converted mail ruck (the pattywagon!) and is an all around gorgeous woman and I certainly hope to dress like her when I grow up!

Now it’s time to go get in that closet, maybe today is a day to pull out a ballgown and some sneakers? Happy, styley Sunday to you all!


5 Responses to “I have a Style Crush too…”

  1. sunny

    Love it….but you really should have posted a picture of you rockin’ it! Perhaps from a past Earth and Vine?!

  2. oami powers

    You DID rock that look in Nelson I’m pretty sure, and I think you look a little like Christy Turlington too. My favs are the picture of the woman in the pinafore and boots, the mash up (suit jacket/heidi braids/vintage boots) and Selma Blair in the rhinestone jumpsuit. Although she may be the only woman on earth who could pull that off.

  3. Ursula

    Love pipsqueak chapeau (1st) pic. Just made my yearly pilgrimage there again and bought 2 pieces. Her clothes are easy to wear every day. I aspire!
    You really should post some of your looks Rucha. You’ve been a style inspiration to me for many years. From the black center parted hair at oamis wedding to the brilliant styling you did at modaspia shoots more recently.

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks Ursula! I need a personal paparazzo to catch my “looks”…I’ve tried taking pictures in the morning and it’s just not too cute… where’s Justine Belson when you need her??!


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