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Style Crush


I spend a lot of time thinking about the elements that make great clothes: wonderful fabrics, interesting/flattering silhouettes, construction, design details. And above and beyond these concerns, there is the element of style; that ineffable quality that encapsulates one’s point of view. In large part style comes from the wearer: how one put pieces together, the jewelry or shoes one chooses to put a unique stamp on an outfit. Or to use a lovely word my dad is fond of, ensemble.

Styling has been on my mind of late, because I recently did a photo shoot (more on that soon) for the Fall collection. I have a board going on Pinterest to where I’m collecting images of people who inspire me. (If you don’t have any experience with Pinterest, watch out, it can be addictive. And controversial) Here are a couple of ladies whose images have made it onto the board:

Frida Kahlo:

This incredible artist is an icon in the true sense of the word. Her elaborate braided hair styles, chunky jewelry and (best of all) strong brows are easily recognizable even to people who aren’t that familiar with her paintings.

Debbie Harry

So many cool images of her it was hard to choose just a few that capture her signature brand of tough sex appeal. Combines tee-shirts, leather and sequins with a heavy dose of attitude.

Tilda Swinton:

Unique, austere, striking.

Anjelica Houston:

I developed a style crush on Anjelica Huston relatively recently after seeing her in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic as Eleanor Zissou. Eleanor’s wardrobe pretty closely resembles Anjelica’s mix of easy style and relaxed, classic glamor.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Besides being a very talented actress, she has a slightly off beat style that I’ve always appreciated, equal parts gamine and sultry grace.

I’d love to hear from our readers, who are the people who inspire you with their style?

xo O

7 Responses to “Style Crush”

  1. RuchaPowers

    Ohmygosh! Love this!! I adore Angelica Houston in that menswear shirt and shorts with the espidrille platforms. I love Debbie Harry in the electric blue sequins, and matching blue eyeliner, and Frida’s style always makes me think of you. Awesome post! I might have to copycat, although my style crushes run a stranger gamut from Julie Andrews to Harajuku street style!

  2. oami powers

    I had a lot of fun putting this one together, glad you guys like it . Rucha: I’d love to see your version of this post. I was surprised that even though these women are very different, there are definitely common threads – men’s wear, a kind of classic glamour, womanly rather than feminine. It would be interesting to see what elements your picks share.

  3. Fran Newcross

    hat was fun and illuminating. . .i had never seen those photos of any of those beeutifull women. thanx for sharing that. i’ll have to research some of the lovelies i’ve known, but does one make a post of all those online?

  4. nerponline

    Well, I like all the celebrity picks shown above, esp. DEB HARRY, but keeping it closer to home, I’d suggest the ingenious MISS PATTIE who was nicely appreciated in West Twin’s post of Sept. 20, 2010, as well as WEST TWIN herself, who always manages to look quite pulled together and fresh in mostly thrift-shop ensembles.

    • ruchapowers

      Aw shucks Dad, make sure to read this week’s post featuring…Ms. Pattie herself!


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