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44 Reasons that I don’t want school to start (or what I did this summer, 2012)


Sleeping in late, and staying up even later  *  Finding sand at the bottom of every purse and bag I own  *  Finally achieving a bikini shaped tan line! *  Olympic fever sweeping my household and my kids’ future dreams  *  Everything single thing about the glorious South Yuba river  *  Road trip playlists: most requested – “Devil Town” (Bright Eyes), ” Good Time” (Owl City/Carly Rae Jepsen) and anything by Vampire Weekend *  Kayaking around the channel-end of Donner Lake and  muskrat spotting *  The Albany rope swing * Rock jumping * Berkeley’s adventure playground *  Laura Linney reading the Nancy Drew mystery “The Hidden Staircase” book on tape Growing corn, even if it was very small corn *  Making corn husk dollies (waste not, want not) * Little boys learning to swim = Little Fish * Our youngest child turning Four: Bittersweet! no more diapers, bottles or babies anymore *  The mountain paradise that is Truckee California * Impressive art displays at the State Fair, way to go California artists  *  Having 5 books at one time on my bedside table, and actually reading all of them  * Seeing the fantastic Miss Joan Jett live in concert, she makes being a rock ‘n’ roll crone look so easy  * Marathon viewings of “Mob Wives”  * Being ‘under water’ in a sea of kites at the Berkeley Kite Festival  *  Mr. Sabini’s summer style: Five finger shoes!  * Spending the month of August grazing off grapes and figs in our backyard: “Mom what’s for dessert?”… “It’s in the garden!”  * Watching my gaggle of boys playing street Basketball as the sun goes down in front of my house  *  Popsicles and Gelato…at any hour!  * Our generous neighbor Trish who lets us practically live at her pool  * Our 6 year wedding anniversary and a groovy bowling double- date   * Endless time for creativity and projects that don’t need to get cleaned up  *  The miracle of  good friends and free wetsuits!  * Pizza My Heart in Capitola   *  Swim parties, swim ‘dates’, and our shameless and opportunistic acceptance of any invitation to swim- any time, any where  (if “pool whores” isn’t yet a term in the general vernacular, it should be)  * Summertime menu favorites of pesto and grilled eggplant  *  Camping with friends and not  burning down the campsite  *  Bonfires on the beach (haven’t done that since I was a kid)  *  Escaping the valley heat and heading to the blessed Ocean  *  Junior Giants baseball: Go Pandas!  *  My 7th grader attending classes at Sac State University: Go Hornets!  * Concerts in the  park  * Never using the big dining room table because of a never-ending game of Talisman  * Eating dinners in the backyard (cuz the aforementioned table is too crowded) as the sunsets and the bees hum  *  Back to back sleepovers  * Actually making it to a yoga class once or twice  *  Watermelon for breakfast * And of course, the fun of capturing it all on Instagram!

Goodbye summer and the endless freedoms. Hello School year. I know you’ll have your own kinds of satisfactions, and offer us the comfort of consistency and routine and all that… but right now I’m still in the resentment of your restrictions. No offense. There are still 8 more days of summer to go (not that I’m counting) and I’m going to live every last one to the hilt if I can. Then I’ll be able to Fall into line (pun intended) and make it through the 9 months of the school year (and yes I will be counting)….

6 Responses to “44 Reasons that I don’t want school to start (or what I did this summer, 2012)”

  1. terribogard

    Sure you get this all the time, but this is about the cutest idea for a blog on all the internet. I hope you two make it huge.

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks Terri, What a wonderful compliment! We’ll keep it up…please keep reading!

  2. nerponline

    Every one of your “44 Reasons” is crunchy and good. You worked hard to make this a summer to remember, I think, and the family’s been nicely rewarded sweet moments. Hmmm, watermelon for breakfast!

  3. oami powers

    Thanks Terri! I loved this post. I felt like it conveyed to me the essence of your summer months so clearly (and makes me a little envious frankly. especially about that bikini shaped tan line. ).

  4. Fran Newcross

    Oh, as I read this post I really wanted to have lived at your house this summer, it sounds like a blast. Thanx so much for sharing. Your boys are lucky to have this great summer you and K crafted for them. May there be many more! I can so relate to shamelessly pursuing swimming opportunities. They are deliciously elusive and must be actively pursued. Let’s salute crafting a life full of living!

    • ruchapowers

      Thanks Fran, the hard work of making FUN happen is the best kind of work there is! And I neglected to mention that our camping trip this year was SO much more enjoyable thanks to our brand new (to us) extra large family-sized tent – thanks to you.


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