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Sunset Beach


A couple of weeks ago K and I were lucky enough to have the use of a house (thank Kelly!) in Sunset Beach, which is just under three hours away near the border with South Carolina.

We left the dogs with a friend and hit the road. I packed some trashy books, my embroidery supplies, my camera and a couple of bottles of wine. Of course I also brought my swim suit, but the truth is I’m not much of a swimmer, and my main goal was to lay around on the porch. It was a very successful weekend.

I worked a little bit each morning, and then we headed to the beach for a couple of hours (sorry, no pictures of that as sand and my camera don’t mix), returning to laze around, watch a little Louis C.K., eat, read. It was hot and sultry, so K mostly stayed in the nice, cool house while I dripped outside under the fan.

Notice the hazy glow? This was taken right after the transition from cool AC indoors to the humidity outdoors.

We did make a couple of brief trips to the nearby villages, for calabash one afternoon, and to check out Kelly’s favorite antique store, Miss Minny’s another:

This sewing machine was only $75!! Only the practical concern of not having a way to transport it stopped me from snapping it up.

And what is it about the beach that makes for great signage?

But mostly we stayed pretty close to home base. The house was about a five minute drive from the ocean, and nestled in between a couple of (man-made?) lakes. The marshes were incredibly beautiful; with grasses in shades ranging from brilliant green to dusky purple and flowers adding a bright pop of color every now and again.

I spent most of a happy and peaceful afternoon wandering around taking pictures. The light was incredible: rich and moody, and the landscape was a heady mix of lush, dense vegetation and low-lying wetlands.

I brought my iPhone but (rare for me) managed to stay pretty much unplugged from the wider world. Of course there were a few hiccups; K got a mild case of sunstroke, I lost my hat and missed the dogs. But what vacation is complete without such minor impositions? It felt like such a luxury to be in this magical little spot, dreaming, for a couple of days.

7 Responses to “Sunset Beach”

  1. ruchapowers

    What a gorgeous place! That photo with the kayaks made my heart start thumping… I would love to get out on those waters for a paddle! Also, I am intrigued by your handwork (photos when you are finished?) and that doll looked like something Mom would have liked. Looks like a great vacation!

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    So glad you had some restful days at the beach. I’m off to singing high in the mountains north of Taos, NM.

  3. nerponline

    Two or three days away, doing what you want, can be stress-busting almost anywhere, so this dream place must have left you limp like noodles. The one anxious note was about the pristine looking Singer machine. Why not call back and have that puppy shipped up? Wouldn’t it still be a deal?

  4. ursula

    beautiful .. i love that kind of sultry weather, lush green surroundings. i’m totally intrigued by what you’re embroidering there too.

  5. betty

    as usual, beautiful photos oami. (and very interesting!) that “hazy” one fascinates me.

  6. Fran Newcross

    It reads and looks idyllic. . . peaceful respite from your busy schedules,
    I too would like to see the embroidery project in it’s next phase.
    I read that and as it did for R, my heart thumped, but about K’s sunstroke. Mother concern never ends.

  7. oami powers

    There were kayaks at the house, I was a little shy to get out there in the water, having last kayaked at camp (way too many years ago). Though it would have been cool to get a closer look at the resident alligator who we spotted just chillin’ nearby. Updated pics of the embroidery on FB for those of you who were interested. STILL not finished. Going to have to take some more time off just to do that….


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