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So it turns out that we have a (minor) celebrity in the house. I discovered this when posting a few quick snaps on my Facebook page resulted in a torrent of comments and ‘likes’. This prompted me to post more pictures, garnering more praise, and so on and so on.

Of course we are speaking now not of K, or I, but of our pug, Rosie.

As her social media fame increases, her adoring fans demand to be kept up on her daily doings, and I have become her paparazzo, on constant alert for ‘the shot’. And she behaves much like any Hollywood starlet:

Striking a pose:

Lounging around:

Showing off her extraordinary assets:

 Kickin’ it with her entourage:

Getting that critical beach time in:

Acting the fool:

Behaving badly:

And turning on the charm:

I can hardly begrudge this pint sized diva her popularity, since she pays me off with daily laughs.

Click click!

15 Responses to “Paparazzo”

  1. Sandra Hallsted

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to show Meera this Rosie post! She will be delighted and slighty obsessed. What a funny dog!

    • Sandra Hallsted

      Ok Meera just finished her laugh fest and is now demanding more doggy pictures! If your post has a thousand views it’s because of us…

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    Does she always show off that lovely tongue?? Cute Rosie!

  3. alicia

    Shall we coin the phrase here– Pupp-a-razzo?
    See what Rosie thinks and have her peeps call my peeps.


    I think she needs to have her own Facebook page.

  5. ursula

    oh my god oami … first, i laughed my a** off at the behaving badly picture. i have to show jeremy. second, i want a PUG!

  6. Fancy

    I have laughed at this three times today (I had to show my kids)

    Thanks Rosie!

  7. ursula

    jeremy got the pics up on our tv so the kids could see better. she’s a tv starlet now too.

  8. oami powers

    Hooray!!!! I’m so glad she makes you guys laugh as much as she does me….Alicia, you were killing me with the pupp-a-razzo! Brilliant. Jacqueline yes, Dave yes (whatever happened to DogBook anyway) and Justine, Crate & Barrel. You too could have your very own mini-couch. It’s ridiculous trying to squeeze us all on there. It’s the like the car full of clowns every night.

  9. ruchapowers

    This post is getting a lot of hits… kids have looked at it at least twice today. It’s my new bribe…”I’ll let you see pictures of ROSIE!”…

  10. frances newcross

    Just saw this blog about Rosie. . . she is very cute andI love the mirror photo of you included. I’m looking forward to meeting her and renewing our acquaintance with her roomie.


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