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Red White and Blue

My favorite holiday photo ever.
(captured in my recycling bin, circa July 4 2008)


I’m not a patriot, not by the conventional definition anyhow, but I do love a good party theme. And this all-American celebration of freedom – The 4th of July –  seems to have (d)evolved into an all out orgy of consumerism, bbq-ing, and adorable decorating motifs.

I guess I have a soft spot for kitschy Americana with a beachy twist, but the July issue of Martha Stewart Living that my friend Anne passed onto me got me all revved up with good ideas. (I made a hand-printed tablecloth using strawberry baskets and potato masher!)

And besides isn’t red white and blue  such a perfect color palette? Blue in sharp contrast to red, with white as the foil, bringing it into balance. I like it. I like it alot. In fact it’s my new favorite aesthetic lately.

Here’s some pictures from the scene around my home these days. Keep in mind, we’ve just had a  birthday to celebrate, then a national holiday, that and well… I just like to decorate.

It makes my world a little brighter and let’s face it, what is beauty if not a good photo opp?!


Fruits and Flowers

Nick’s vintage corvette.

The fabulous ‘cabin-esque’ Americana style of my friend Bean’s back yard
(photo courtesy of Justine Belson)

from inside the hammock…

What colors and imagery are inspiring YOU right now? Do you have a favorite holiday you like to decorate for? If you have an inner ‘Martha’, what’s her stylistic obsession this summer? Inquiring minds want to know… and I’ll read all about it this week from my lounger on the beach, lakeside.

Happy celebrations y’all!


6 Responses to “Red White and Blue”

  1. Martha

    I have an inner Martha!!
    (and an outer one) – fantastic photos

    • ruchapowers

      Yay for Martha!! Glad to ‘see’ you on here cousin.xoxo

  2. oami powers

    I love that these photos build on the dreamy quality of summer that you talked about in your last post. Well done!!

  3. oami powers

    Oh, and the only holidays I really decorate for are Halloween (my fav) and Christmas. K & I once got into big row over the tree not being symmetrical. Yes, I am a perfectionist.

    • ruchapowers

      Okay, I want to see a photo montage of your next decorative holiday! (I can’t wait for Halloween either 🙂


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