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Camera Shy


Ursula and I were emailing this morning, about her new dog, breathtakingly pretty eyelet fabric, the pros and cons of rayon fiber manufacturing, and how her garden is coming along, when I asked the question I more regularly pose to my sister, or my husband: ‘what should I blog about today? ‘.

Side note for those of you wondering ‘yeah, aren’t you two supposed to trade off every week, why the heck ARE you blogging again?? ‘; I am headed to NYC next Friday celebrate our dear friend Amy’s 40th in high style, and West twin has two days jam packed with extracurricular activities the following weekend, thus the switch.

Back to Ursula: ‘you could finally show us your g** d*** house!  i don’t even know what it looks like.  and i want to see it!’ she cried! And it’s true, I haven’t shared many pictures since this post when we first moved in, over a year ago.

The truth is we’ve been so busy, and money’s been tight, and so we haven’t done a whole lot of prettifying. I’ve been a bit embarrassed to document what we have so far. But, inspired by Ursula’s request and this campaign which started a few weeks back, I busted out my camera, swallowed my fears and started snapping:

Front left

Front right

Living room

Entry way & couch

Living room window

Breakfast nook

Kitchen built-ins

Milk bottles by the back door, waiting to go back to the grocery store.

Looking from the studio into the hall, a studio vignette.


Close up of garland light fixture, and K’s dresser

Sunroom, as viewed from the door of the kitchen

After all that work we mostly use it for sorting laundry! Though an enterprising sparrow has raised two sets of chicks in the hanging fern.

View from the back of the yard, looking toward the house.

K’s debris pile, apparently a step towards being certified as a natural habitat. Not my favorite thing to have in the middle of the yard. Stella’s tire adds that extra je ne sais quoi.

Guardians: mom’s bust overlooks the yard, and our very own Ent overlooks my favorite spot to lounge. Can you spot him?

Be gentle dear readers, be gentle! One last note before I go, for those of you who were left wanting more Redress pictures there are more here. Happy memorial day everyone!

14 Responses to “Camera Shy”

  1. nerponline

    Your house looks good to me. It’s curb appeal is just fine and the airy interiors are sweet. I would supposed that the place had been specially scrubbed-up for the shoot if I didn’t know how uncluttered and
    clean you kept your former home. It’s an admirable ability and one I know
    you didn’t take from your father. And, yes, I do see the Ent. What’s the story there?

    • oami powers

      Thanks dad…I didn’t clean it just for the shoot, but I have to say it’s a struggle keeping this much space as clean as our 800 sq ft apartment in Oakland, especially with the dogs in and out of the yard and Rosie’s shedding. I tried hard to shoot with honesty but I admit I avoided some of the more cluttered areas (like my workroom!). Loved your post about the eclipse, wonderful photos.

    • oami powers

      Oh, and the Ent, sorry. He’s just there, in the tree. K says trees with discernible faces are called dryads (after the greek mythological wood nymphs). Unfortunately our Ent’s roots are destroying the foundation of our garage and he may eventually have to go.

  2. ursula

    i love it ! ok, i didn’t even really know what the house looked like i realize now. the front looks so different than i pictured. love all the little decorated nooks. your bedroom is so romantic with the green walls and pink curtains. (ours looks like a cross between a bachelor’s pad and a nunnery somehow all white with naked chicks on the wall from the 1900’s). i feel inspired already oami. you guys always get away with color in the best possible way. thanks for sharing this. xo
    oh and we’ll need a seasonal recap ok. i like seeing what’s growing there. it’s kind of fascinating.

    • oami powers

      Totally different than CA, the plants…and the wildlife. So much of it. The other day I came across a turtle while walking Stella. We’re going for kind of a Spanish vibe, thus all the black & white and then the crazy color in the bedroom…your bedroom is awesome. Clean, crisp & sassy!

  3. betty

    your home looks beautiful to me, oami! i love the paired photographs. now about that ent…that’s a natural thing?? that’s crazy. and, hey ursula… bachelor’s pad/nunnery sounds kind of brilliant.

  4. ruchapowers

    I love the color of your bedroom walls and the Ent (what does that mean or stand for??) is super-cool. I have to say though I’m experiencing a little sibling rivalry with all the SPACE in your home and how TIDY it is. Makes me think of the old adage: “cleaning your house while raising kids is like shoveling snow in a snow storm” (or sh*t in a sh*t-storm, as I like to sometime say) …I don’t know if that’s it or if I’m just a lazy, distracted housekeeper but YOUR place look like something out of a magazine. Grrrrr (growled with love). Also…this debris pile..I’m confused…is your husband really trying to develop a natural habitat in your backyard??

    • oami powers

      Lord of the Rings woman!!! You have three boys, you’ll have to read it eventually!! Well, it’s not this clean ALL the time. I’d have to take pictures after one of my work-a-thons but I’m not that committed to online honesty! Maybe I have unrealistic expectations after looking at Pinterest for too many hours? Or maybe you just can’t see the dog hair….anyway. The debris pile: kind of a joke, though he would love to get certified as a natural habitat. He’s shooting for the urban farm with veges and chickens etc. Really, it’s just a debris pile from cleaning up the yard over a year. He happened to position it so we have a perfect view of it from the deck.

  5. Jacquelyn Marie

    Loved seeing your house and its simplicity. Lovely! Still want to come out sometime and see it in person!

  6. Sandra Hallsted

    Ok – you have to keep the Ent, broken garage foundation or not. You can always get rid of the garage?!

    Also, love your wall colors. I love getting a look at your home!


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