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Weekend Life *


Real life has been sneaking in around the edges of work over the last couple of weeks, with temperatures rising & the sun coming out more and more. Which means more gardening, more bbq’ing & meals out doors, more hanging out in the hammock with Rosie on my lap…the sewing machine is having a hard time competing!

With such a big property (.76 acres) we decided to focus our gardening efforts on a couple of area first, slowly adding plants. K terraced a bed in the front and a bed in the back:

Lavender spikes starting to blossom in the front bed, the yellow blobs mid distance are yellow lilies.

Mint and volunteer (ornamental?) strawberries.

The bed in the back has a lungwort, hostas, impatiens, a struggling bleeding heart.

Tobacco hosta

We also planted a fig tree and two blueberry bushes, both of which are starting to fruit, though we’ve lost most of the blueberries already to the birds & squirrels before they’ve ripened.

Black Mission fig

Almost ripe…

The black elephant ear we got last year died back completely during the winter months, but has new growth coming on strong.

While moving bricks to terrace and define the beds, K uncovered a colony of earth snakes. Stunned by the change in their living situation, they graciously allowed me to snap a few pictures.

Our cranky old riding lawn mower bit the dust, and after a few weeks of mowing the lawn with a push mower, the higher temperatures finally got to K and we bought our neighbors John Deer.

K’s set up, ready to mow!

Ask my husband to cook and a look of frustration and fear crosses his face, ask him to fire up the grill, and his face lights up. On the menu lately: grilled lamb loin coated with herbs, spicy chicken breasts, ribs, asparagus with lemon and olive oil, large spring onions, eggplant, pineapple rings, peaches. Can I say I’m not complaining?

Starting the coals..

Farmer’s market peaches, cut in half and sprinkled with a little brown sugar they will be destined for the grill this afternoon.

Rosie, begging.

Stella, begging.

Farmer’s market sunflowers

Early summer sunset.

Our bedroom, seen from the outside in.

Here’s hoping each of you is snagging a few sun soaked and apple wood smoke scented moments this beautiful May!

* Title borrowed from Deirdre

13 Responses to “Weekend Life *”

  1. Sandra

    You made me feel relaxed just by reading and looking at the pics of your life! Thanks! Oh and the snakes are super awesome…

    • oami powers

      Aren’t they neat? They are non-poisonous, eat bugs and like dark, damp places. I hope they found somewhere comfy nearby, because K took their brick castle apart completely to form the edges of our flower beds.

  2. betty

    is that a kettle grill? i love the abstract quality of the photo. and i love the two begging styles…rosie looks emotional, while stella is stoic. but you can tell stella’s nose is in action.

    • oami powers

      Rosie is VERY emotional about food…the only time she really loses her cool! Sometimes she barks and spins in a circle when I’m carrying her food to her crate! The photo of hot metal & smoke is actually the device K uses to start the coals, I think it’s called a chimney? Anyway, I put it in there partly because I love the pattern on the metal….glad you like it!!

    • oami powers

      Oh, and Betty, not sure if you spotted it but you might recognize the photo on our bedroom wall in the last picture.

      • betty

        oami, i totally missed the photo. i’m a doofus. oh, and that purple sky…i love that time of day. and i meant to tell you, for a number of years there were snakes nesting under my porch. in spring, they would poke their heads out in a line and sun themselves. later on, they would migrate out to the yard where i would occasionally run into them. just garter snakes.

  3. nerponline

    Congratulations on your new mow machine! Is there a pleasing new mower smell? And what does one DO with the dead riding mower? Trade it in? Park it in the corner of the yard and let it rust like they used to do with old vehicles on the farm? Good photos throughout, ET. Rosie’s is classic, and the “earth snakes” are so interesting (I’ve never heard of such creatures).

    • oami powers

      The scent isn’t as strong as one would hope, not sure why? K sold the old one to a guy who rebuilds them and then resells them, he came from a couple hours away with his trailer. They loaded it up and he paid in cash. Gotta love it.

  4. fran

    I love the pics you share and the peaches in may were super beautiful. . . must be some of those southern peach strains. we have no peaches. i want to be there for the grilled peaches. ok? rosy and stella were pretty cute. very impressive mulched flower beds. it made me mulch my garden yesterday. miss and love you. mom

    • oami powers

      There should still be plenty of peaches around when you guys are here, and the corn will be going strong by then too. Best I’ve ever had, sweet and juicy. Your son is a wonder in the yard, I’m telling you.


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