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Process: Indie Fashion


Awhile back I wrote this post celebrating and in a small way exploring things that are made by hand, inspired by my fellow vendors at The Handmade Market.  Since then I’ve stumbled across a ton of great videos which document the processes and people that inspire me, and I thought I’d share some of them with since we are just a week away from the Spring Handmade market.

The first, naturally, is about Ursula. This was filmed just a day or two after my visit in December, when I took photos of her studio that I used in this post. I loved seeing a glimpse into her daily routine, and I think this really captures her energy and commitment to the thriving business she’s built:

Wendy Mullin is another self taught designer, and has been inspiring to both Ursula and I:

Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko started a denim line here in Raleigh a few years back. They now have a retail store (which I love) and wholesale their jeans to retailers around the country. I admire their passion for traditional techniques and their focus on quality and longevity:

Another southern boutique jeans brand started by a couple, this one based in Nashville. This piece is a lot longer than the others, but I think it’s an interesting story and well worth watching. I love that they include and celebrate the folks that help them make their products and run their business:

Truly hand made, and a breath taking example of skilled workmanship:

Okay, I know, I know, I included a piece on Natalie Chanin last time. But this one is REALLY good! And only four minutes long! It’ll be worth it I promise!

A clip from one of the latest Craft in America episodes, I wanted to include it because I thought this was a beautiful way to talk about the people who labor to make our clothing, but don’t have a Matt or a Carrie to share their stories:

8 Responses to “Process: Indie Fashion”

  1. ruchapowers

    Just finished watching all these with my twelve year old son. SO wonderful for him to get to see what truly goes into the creation of quality garments, to see those old machines and processes at work, and the meditative flow of the needle and thread used by Alabama Chanin’s artisans. We both want a pair of jeans from Raleigh Denim now!! I have to admit I teared up at the last clip of the art project “portrait of a textile worker”. Such an incredible example of insight, compassion and artistry all blended into one! Thank you for sharing!!

    • oami powers

      I’m so glad you shared these with M, Rucha….exactly what I hope to do, make more transparent the effort and love that go into making the garments we wear EVERY DAY! xxoo

  2. nerponline

    These videos were all facinating, instructive and often awe-inspiring. Imagine, Wendy the home-sewer having four stores! The depth of craft behind each product is intense, but it’s the optimism and unswerving devotion to the “goodness” of craft which is most revelatory. Thank you, EastTwin, for curating. You know, I’m now thinking of taking side work as a pall-bearer just to have a rationale for owning one of those sharp handsewn Chicago suits.

    • oami powers

      You’d look super dapper in one of those suits dad! It made my fingers itch to watch her stitch that lapel…I want to know how to do that! And yes, Wendy having 4 stores is incredibly impressive.

  3. ursula

    first, thanks for including me here oami. fun to see the wendy video again. she really was and is an inspiration, especially 10 years ago huh? it felt like, “oh, she’s doing it successfully. maybe we’ll give it a go”. watched the jeans couple. they’re great. love their slow southern pace.

    • oami powers

      I love that she says she can really design to her potential now, I can relate to that. So proud of you & how far you’ve come, your thriving business….

  4. betty

    interesting videos oami. i just love ursula’s etsy portrait, of course. i had never seen the wendy video. i had to laugh…she used gambling money to buy fabric. and that last video…terese agnew’s project is amazing.

  5. fran

    OK. I finally watched these videos. Super interesting glimpses into dedicated entrepreneurs and their ethics are to be commended, all of them! Thanx for gathering and sharing them. I can see how they are inspirations to you.


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