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Favorite Places in Sacramento, # 2: Mahoroba Japanese Bakery


Way back when in this post, I promised a start of a new series featuring the hidden gems and unique places that make our town – SacTown, California – so livable. Well one post does not a ‘series’ make so here we are again with the second featured favorite place: the Japanese Bakery.

what's inside??...

Mahoroba is located at 4900 Freeport Blvd (Sacramento, CA 95822), just down the road from where we live and go to school. Conveniently situated near a major supermarket and the always popular Dollar Store the bakery sings it’s siren song to me whenever I pass by, which is many times a day.

I try to resist, I do I do. But when my kids get in on the act of elaborating on all the reasons why we should stop by, well…let’s just say we are regulars there and these photos have been taken over many a visit.

hold that pose...

a green tea sunrise smile.

Judging by the online reviews, we’re not the only ones. I concur with everything I read: the bakery is neat and clean, the service is always friendly and patient (especially when dealing with small indecisive children who can’t seem to choose a delicacy from behind the case), the prices are good for the quality of said delicacies, and they even have a little outdoor seating area – making a perfect spot for a harried mothers’ time out.

I found a translation of the Japanese word ‘Mahoroba’ which describes it as  “a far-off land full of bliss and peace…roughly comparable to the western concepts of Arcadia, a place surrounded by mountains full of harmony and quiet.”

I can get with that.

I don’t know about the harmonious mountain surroundings (we are still in Sacramento after all) but damn if that Kobe Cream pastry isn’t chock full of bliss and peace! It’s one of our favorite treats, and although it’s difficult to describe in words let me throw out these adjectives out at you – creamy, warm, pudding-ish (is that a word?? don’t tell my high school english teacher), fluffy, airy, sweet but not overly sweet…..


is just a buck twenty.

I found this clip of a local Morning News show piece visiting Mahoroba. Although it’s kind of annoying and cheesy (in that way that chatty morning news show can be), it’s worth checking out if only to learn that they stir the cream for those Kobes for 8 hours (!!!) and to see the look on the reporter’s face when she takes her first bite. Says it all.

Besides the aforementioned #1 selling Kobe, our other favorites include the Green Tea Sunrise and the Curry Pan (with housemade curry, yum yum). The fish dog (breaded fillets on a hot dog bun with a sweetish spicy sauce) hits the spot at lunchtime as do the little pizzas (Japanese pizzas? yes indeedy). And the Anpanman with the smiley face filled with rich chocolate pudding, well take a look at the little guy…how could anyone resist?

Mahoroba has become our go-to place for any special celebration: first day of school, last day of school, birthdays, after basketball play-offs, to break the 10  days of juice fasting.

"I can't believe I'm eating food"...

It’s even become a destination for our 12 year old who is itching to explore the world on his own more, and likes to ride the one and half miles over there through the neighborhood, chow on some japanese bakery and ride home again. Ah, freedom.

But in a deeper way (yes, I have to “go there” as my husband says) this bakery has become a symbol of sweetness and friendship and happy days for our little family. And that is part of what makes it so good!

birthday yummies...

So if you are from outside of Sacramento, remind me and I will take you there the next time you’re in town. It’s a must-do. And if you are a resident and you have not yet visited the wonderful Mahoroba Japanese Bakery…well, that deserves an OMG!

Get on over there.


6 Responses to “Favorite Places in Sacramento, # 2: Mahoroba Japanese Bakery”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    WAnt to come up for a visit this spring or summer. Will you take me there???

  2. nerponline

    Shangri-La was a (fictional) harmonious place set amidst quiet mountains and said to be an “earthly paradise.” There’s a sly humor in the name Earthly Paradise Bakery which makes me chuckle. Possibly Mahoroba is a stock Japanese business name like our Acme (as in Mahoroba Chopsticks, or Mahoroba Brand adhesive tape), but I like better that it’s a poetic teasing boast about the transformative wonderfulness of the Kobe Creams.

  3. oami powers

    Wait, how come we’ve never been??? I definitely want to visit the next time I’m out. Sweet but not too sweet? Right up my alley. We don’t have much Japanese food here unfortunately, and I miss it SO MUCH. Also, Maceo is big enough to go there & back on his own?? He’s getting so big! Sniff, sniff….

  4. betty

    rucha, i used to regularly visit a japanese bakery in the boston area. i remember being skeptical about those curry buns, but they are delicious! does mahoroba have shokupan (the white loaf bread)? it makes such beautiful toast and really great french toast. it’s the complete opposite of a healthier multi-grain bread, but such a treat.


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