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Putting on the Glitz


Anyone who grew up with me or has known me for any length of time knows that at heart I’m a bit of a tomboy, tend to be shy, and avoid the drama of the fashion industry wherever possible. But I do love clothes, which is how I ended up wrangling models, bossing hairdressers and walking a runway last Friday for the 4th annual Redress Raleigh fashion show.

I showed nine looks, composed of eighteen garments, sixteen of which were brand new styles. Despite the usual hectic pace leading up to the show, and a few minor hiccups, it all came together into a beautiful collection on the day. Liz made some stunning jewelry that complimented and amplified the clothes, my models were awesome, the music was perfect, the venue lovely, the hair edgy and the Redress team worked together like clock work.  Eventually I’ll have photos from the official photographers to share with you, but until then here are some behind the scenes and close-ups to tide you over:

That Japanese organic check cotton

Sheath dress with print by my friend Kelly of Tinypeepers, and wool coat.

Alina trying on the hand dyed skirt and metallic linen tank

Waiting…..Sarah T at the salon

More waiting…and doing toes.

Alina’s goddess hair

Liz putting the finishing touches on Jenn’s jewelry

Tanya and Sarah L gabbing it up

Sarah L

Reygin (photo courtesy of Alina Patel)

Emily looking uber fierce! Photo courtesy of Alina Patel

Alina runway ready. Photo by Emily Forsberg

At the venue: Jacqueline’s excited to get on that runway!

And there she is!! She’s wearing a shift dress with asymmetrical hemline and sleeves in my mosaic print

Reygin: in a hand dyed bustier and paneled, high-waisted skirt.

Tanya in a color block tank and slim cut metallic linen trousers

Liz and I taking our congratulatory walk down the runway.

10 Responses to “Putting on the Glitz”

    • oami powers

      Thanks Jana! From what I could see your collection looked great: easy to wear and fun. You definitely have an eye for prints. So weird to have not seen the show yet right? I’m looking forward to the video & pics…

  1. betty

    Congratulations Oami…It looks like you put on a beautiful show! I love the new styles. Looking forward to more photos.

  2. ursula

    where to start? congrats, yes! beautiful clothes and executed so well. i love the metallic linen pants (you made it look effortless), the high waisted skirt (very sexy), the check blouse (smart and cool), the dress in your mosaic print (70’s movie star), the coat (the model bought it? ’nuff said), the tee is super cute (i want that)! you look great at the end there too oami, all in white no less. each show gets better and better. they must have been floored that day watching your collection come out.

    • oami powers

      Thanks Urs, you know that means the world coming from YOU. I was channeling Donna Karan with the white:) Oh and that tee has a cut out back!!

  3. nerponline

    Everything looks great to me in these photos, especially, yes, the gold linen pants, and the print dress with checked jacket of equal length. The shot of Alina with Rosie is awfully cute too! Several of your models wore no shoes….this seems way cool and very economical. I’m impatient to see more.

  4. fran

    loved the gingham checks looking all new and chic the way you use them and Rosie looking very professional as photo model! i too look forward to more pics. it is good of you to share.

  5. Alicia

    Congratulations Oami! WOW what a show and how glamorous it all looks. I particualry adore the expression on your face in that last shot- what a mix of satisfaction, relief and victory! You look gorgeous and what an inspiration you are. Brava! I look forward to the video and more.

  6. ruchapowers

    My favorite shot behind the scenes shot is of the models doing their toenails(!) and I LOVE Sarah L’s outfit…I would wear that! Congratulations on your success and on creating a gorgeous collection! You look very proud in that last picture (and HOT in those white jeans…told you so!) as well you should. Well done you!!


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