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cheers y'all!

Surprise! It’s me again! I am here sitting in for “east twin” (Miss Oami Powers) who is busy with her upcoming fashion show (more on that next week  I’m sure).  I thought since I got a double-whammy I would take the chance to put up a wee photo re-cap of our recent Spring Break family vacation.

Thanks to some dear friends who included us in their ‘vacation rental by owner’ we spent 5 days at beach house in Bodega Bay, CA. More details than that I am not going to reveal because it was such an awesome and private escape and I’m vowing to jealously guard it’s location.

escorted in...

Tucked away on a cattle ranch, it’s a long drive in and out but once we arrived we never left. And didn’t see another person the entire time! Beyond just the beautiful views and the thrill of nature-watching, the most wonderful part of the vacation for me was providing my kids with the experience of just being in this wide open space; without other people, without time-frames and schedules. Nothing we have to do but explore….

Beach collection and banana slug

And explore we did. We took advantage of the low-tides to investigate the furthest beaches and go to tide pooling. We saw hermit crabs, starfish,  and urchins galore and made fresh footprints on virgin sand where no other people had yet stepped. We explored the cliffs and the caves and felt like we were on our own private island.


In order to get over to the big beach (or to navigate the waterway of the Estero  Americano which breaks open out into the Pacific right where we were staying) one has to use the canoe or two kayaks provided. This was another highlight of our stay because the kids had so much fun practicing with the paddles and helping to row us across. The eldest could kayak comfortably between shores.A few adventures were had out there, it’s true (such as getting stuck on the shallows of the sandbar or battling fierce head winds) but it all became worth it once we would hike back up that last killer hill, arrive at the beach house and settle into the hot tub. Ahhhh, hot tub!

Portrait of a man on vacation.

What a picturesque place, and ideal for little boys who could run untethered and shoot with their sling shots as far as they liked. Their was never any chance to get bored with everything to do and all the wild life to see. Every morning we spotted jack rabbits and deer and turkey vultures, hawks, seals and so many other critters. I was thrilled with the plant life: wild iris, lupin, succulents and other coastal spring flowers abound.

sleepy seals basking in the sun...

and sleepy boys too.


It really was a special time. With only family to be with and only the weather to shape our days.  We might have gone crazy eventually but I know I could have woken up to the view of the sea a few more times before it was over. All too soon it was time to go. Our vacation was done.

It’s hard to say goodbye but maybe if the winds blow right, we’ll get to come back here again someday soon. Until then, goodbye vacation spot!

and we're off....

(photos courtesy of myself, Keith Sabini, and Ross Powers – thank you!)


5 Responses to “Vacation Spot”

  1. Sandra

    Oh Hooray! That sounds and looks so great. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    I too have a friend who has a place on the Bodega cliffs. It is such a special place and I am so glad you had a chance to go there. Love, Love,


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