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I  can’t believe it folks but as I sit here I am writing the 100th post of this blog, our blog,  started in June 2010 at the urging of my twin sister. I think that’s super exciting!! Break out the champagne.  It’s our centennial…where’s the balloon drop??

It’s taken almost 21 months of each one of us posting every Sunday to get to this point. I can still remember the early morning drive to the Raleigh airport in March 2010. I’d been visiting Oami in celebration of our birthday and I was on my way to catch my return flight to California.  It was still dark out and rain was beating down when my sister brought up the idea to me: a weekly, bi-coastal ‘conversation’ between us in the form of a blog. “Blog?…” I said sleepily, “What’s that?”.

I should take a moment here to praise my sister and her deft design and organizational skills for taking on the behind-the-scenes work of researching our choices, setting us up on WordPress and putting the whole blog-thing together. Sounds simple enough to some of you but for me I’m like a deer in the headlights with this stuff (as evidenced by my reluctance to start a spin-off gardening blog despite repeated requests from y’all. I’m always like, “oh, I don’t know how to do that”).

In the beginning I couldn’t even figure out how to insert images or manipulate them if I wanted to show two side by side. Like a true troglodyte, I would email the pictures to my sis in North Carolina and she would add them into the post for me….duh. We are a little more streamlined than that now, and for the most part I don’t have to sit on the phone every other Sunday with Oami patiently acting as tech support. It’s only taken me 50 posts to get there people!

We acknowledged our one year anniversary in this post last July but still we weren’t up to # 100. For some reason 100 seems like a BIG deal. One hundred is a regularly honored cultural milestone as we know; a century, a centennial, a natural stopping point to stop and take stock. According to our friend Wikipedia, 100 is significant in many ways from being the number of Senators in the U.S. Senate, the emergency phone number for the police in Greece, Israel, India and Nepal, as well as being the number of episodes a television series generally needs to be considered viable for syndication. Yoo-hoo, Mr. Television Producer, we’re ready for our close-up!

But one hundred can also be seen as a small amount, if for instance you are this guy who blogs about the process of whittling his personal possessions down to just 100 things. Thinking of 100 in that light it doesn’t seem like much at all. Just a fraction really of all the posts that could be written.  Merely a beginning if your goals are lofty and involve coffee-table books, merchandising tie-ins and movie rights, as mine do.

Talking on the phone to my sister/co-creator about this newest milestone I remarked to her that I had heard somewhere that it takes doing something 21 times consecutively for it to become a habit. She told me that she’d heard that one is considered a master at something once they have done that thing 10,000 times. So here we are today somewhere between a habit and mastery, still going strong.

Does this 100th post represent a completion of some kind? ( job well done, we became bloggers). Or does it mark the beginning of a new era? If we go to 200 posts we’ll be writing to you from early 2014 and who knows what any of us will be up to by then??

On this particular Sunday we’d like to appeal to you and your opinions, dear readers and friends. We want to hear your voices. The biggest thrill of this whole experience has been knowing that people actually read this thing. Some are devoted fans who check in diligently each week (thanks Dad!) while others of you may just drop in once and a while just to see what’s new..and that’s great too! I love it when someone unexpected stops me in the supermarket and says, “I’ve been reading your blog” or the other day when a mama-friend at school came up to me and proclaimed “I read it out loud to my husband and we laughed and laughed”. Nothing could be more satsifying. Really.

So today is the today. If you’ve commented before, please do so again and tell us what you’ve liked (or didn’t like, but be gentle). Is there something you would like to see us cover in the future? If you are a usually-silent reader, now is your chance! We would love to hear from you, is there anything special that keeps you coming back? And if you just happened to have stumbled across us for the first time today, Welcome (you’ve got alot to catch up on, 99 posts to be exact!).

Me, I’m off to put up my feet and rest these blogging fingers, and maybe scrounge up a glass of that alleged champagne…


12 Responses to “100!”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    Well, first of all my dear Goddess daughters I read your blogs every week and am so impressed by your knowledge, creativity and eruditeness!!!

    I am also impressed by your techie abilities (thought you knew how from the beginning, Rucha!).

    And I just plain love knowing what’s happening with the two of you since I do not get to see you often. Love, hugs, kisses on your 100th!
    GM Jacquelyn

    • ruchapowers

      Glad to “see” you here too! Big big hugs and thanks, as always, for all your support. xo

  2. nerponline

    Congratulations, Blog Women. Did WordPress have special praise for your attainment? One-hundred IS a big deal when it means an appealing, consistent creation produced against a frequent deadline. That takes commitment and grit. Somewhere in the next one-hundred posts I’d like to read more about the scene in West Sac, a text on Waldorf-ism as WT sees it practiced, and what she’s learning about LIFE while living knee-deep in MEN. Also, ET could explain where “southerness” is found in cosmopolitan Raleigh, what movie she’d make if handed a film crew, and why she thinks she adapted readily to driving trucks and navigating the cyber-landscape? Otherwise, great work so far. Carry on!

    • ruchapowers

      Right. Got a list of future topics. West Sac??/ Hmmmm….Waldorf is also a tricky subject I sometimes steer clear of, wouldn’t want to misrepresent it or I might get stoned to death with felt balls. Ha ha. As for living knee-deep in Men, I like that descriptor!! Lemme think on that….

  3. fran

    I try to read weekly and enjoy the little peek into your lives. It helps me stay tuned to what’s happening out there with you all. Love that! You both do such creative and chatty narratives. Many thanx!

  4. Jana

    I’m a silent reader of your blog… I just recently joined the weekly conversations after meeting Oami through the Redress Raleigh fashion show connection. I used to live in Oakland and really enjoy hearing about the adventures on the west coast, as well as continuing to learn more about Oami here in Raleigh. It’s fun to see you two interact through this medium. Upon reading some posts, I get so caught up that I’ve burnt dinner more than once. Yes, I could be a bad cook, but you also are great writers and it’s a neat way to stay connected despite the miles. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading, though my silence will likely return. Happy 100th!

  5. Ursula

    Personally I would love to see at least a seasonal garden post from Rucha. Based on some of the posts she did on her own garden shaped how I approached mine this year. No more annuals for one thing. Drought tolerant plants. Bulbs etc
    Also love hearing Waldorf related stories. My kids don’t go to Waldorf but doesn’t mean we can’t do same activities etc. also your stories about woes of being a mom are hilarious and comforting. Fun to watch your writing really develop too, your voice.. How bout a short story sometime.
    Oami – would love more film reviews! Pics too. We talk so frequently throughout the day I’m at a loss for suggestions:)

  6. oami powers

    Thanks for the congratulations and feedback from all of you.
    Rucha, I love the line ‘somewhere between a habit and mastery’. Brilliant! Here’s to the last 100 and to more of the same in the future!
    Jana, I can’t think of any better compliment (though your family might not agree!) than burnt dinner!
    Ursula, I will start taking notes for more movie reviews (Betty, Trollhunter is being screened this evening).
    Dad, I had thought of a post about the south, but I can’t say as I have an answer about my ability to pick up new skills quickly except to say that it seems to be diminishing in the last couple years – I’m trying to learn to develop what I already know more deeply now. Viva mastery!!

  7. ruchapowers

    Yes thanks too to Fran, Jana, Betty and Ursula for leaving comments and being supporters of our endeavor. It means so much that this project is meaningful to others in some way and I agree, a burnt dinner is the highest form of compliment! Ursula, I promise…more garden blogs (now is the time to get your seedlings started 🙂


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