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Spring in Raleigh


Two weeks of busy bee activity since last we spoke. Hot and sunny days for a week, and now spring thunder storms and grey skies have set in. All around things are blooming, birds in song and bugs are buzzing. Orders are shipping out, new fabric arriving on the door step, and I’ve started patterns for the fashion show I’ll be in April 20th. Our dear friend Amy came to stay and left again, and soon new visitors will be arriving, so there’s been much tidying, sorting and organizing in preparation. Today I have a tiny space of time to sit and breathe, and so I thought I’d share a few snaps and then go lay down on the couch with a beer, and listen to the sound of the world waking around me.


Organic cotton check from Japan.

Morning smoothie.

The beautiful bowl was a gift from my step mom, Michela, and we use it often. Perfect size for a salad for two.

Beet foam! While cooking beets, this little heart formed on the tip of the root.

Glass orbs, reflected in the window of the craft gallery I’ve been working at a couple of days a week.

Plates by Matt Jones of Jones Pottery in Leicester NC. One of my new design crushes since starting at the gallery.

Andree Richmond’s beautiful ceramic animals on wheels. I heart.

Oh, and there’s been a lot of music happening too, so to see us out here’s a couple of songs from two shows I went to: the Bowerbirds, a local group and new infatuation (thanks Kelly!) and an old favorite, the Heartless Bastards.

xo O

14 Responses to “Spring in Raleigh”

  1. kelly smith-tilly

    Gorgeous photos of spring. I especially love the close up mossy one. Thanks for the music companionship and sharing. xoxo

  2. ursula

    damn! i love the photos. it always feels so good to see a glimpse of your slice of the world. you guys are going to shows too?! i think the last show i saw was randy at the stud. you got the japanese check ! can’t wait to see what you do .. and i want one. snowed here all day oami! beautiful though, i loved it.

  3. Emma Moncrieff

    Hey Oami! love the Bowerbirds song. gorgeous. can I buy it in NZ?
    Enjoy spring. Luv and hugs to you
    Em xx

  4. ruchapowers

    I’m with Ursula, I LOVE your photos and it is sweet to see what is poking it’s head up in your part of the world. I think the Bowerbirds song seems to capture the mood of your pictures and I’m assuming that since they are locals, their video captures some of the ‘mood’ of North Carolina. Beautiful! I like your taste level girl, it always takes me somewhere new and unexpected.

  5. fran

    those are good pictures. thanx. i enjoy reading the latest with you and fran

  6. Michelle

    You inspired me to make a smoothie last night to have ready for the morning. I too had the windows open yesterday and instead of putting on music to clean just listened to the chatter of the birds because it was so pretty. I really like the Bowerbirds too! They played a Rock & Shop and I was thrilled when they said they would do it!

  7. oami powers

    Thanks folks (have I mentioned lately that I love my camera??). Emma, their first two albums plus some singles are on iTunes. Michelle, I didn’t know they played at R&S!! I think I missed everything except what was right in front of my face. Ru, yes! They do kinda capture a NC mood.

  8. Jacquelyn Marie

    Reminded me of what I miss from the Northeast spring.
    Loved the Bowerbirds song and video.

    Did not know you were working. Selling?

    And did you get your beer and lie-down????

    • oami powers

      I did! I am working a local fine craft gallery a couple of days a week. I’m enjoying it, I love the people I work with and the artists are great.

  9. betty

    shadows and louvers! 🙂 you guys are way ahead of us bloom-wise, oami, although it’s been hot here. the photos are beautiful. that beet heart is my favorite. beautiful tunes too. i think the bowerbirds are in boston this weekend.

      • betty

        no, i’m not seeing the bowerbirds. last week, i happened to walk past the club where they are playing and saw their name on the marquee. i had actually never heard their music, so thanks for the introduction! i love heartless bastards (the band).

  10. Freda Powers

    I love that Buttercup! Brings memories of the farm in spring.
    Love. Gigi


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