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California Christmas Part 1

Rucha’s centerpiece

Royal making tinsel trees with Grandma Fran (K’s mom)

Tinsel trees

Watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Ursula’s Christmas bear

Mince pies


Santa (aka Lincoln) going for a Christmas Eve slide

Maceo, looking incredibly (*sob*) grown-up

Royal and Grandpa Frank’s dancing reindeer

The bonanza Xmas present at Rucha’s house: a trampoline! Decorations

Decorations, Mema & Grandad’s (aka Ross & Michela)

Mema & Charles the Cat

Keith, Royal & Lincoln


GiGi & Daschel

Uncle Steve & Grandad playing Maceo’s “Paper Jams” guitar

Bubblegum wrapper castle

GiGi & Oami

The bountiful Christmas table, at Grandad & Mema’s

Merry Christmas ya’ll

Love Oami

8 Responses to “California Christmas Part 1”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    Almost like being there Dear Rucha and Oami. Loved all the photos and everyone looks so happy and beautiful! Merry Merry Christmas and a new year full of love, family, friends, flowers.

    • oami powers

      Hear hear to that Jacquelyn. Dinner with you, Caitlin, Ian & Sadie was lovely & yummy. Thanks for helping K & I satisfy our Korean food craving!

  2. Freda Powers

    So good to have a pictorial commentator in the family! It was a great day – beautiful, bountiful, boisterous! And for all……A HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! with love from GIgi………

    • oami powers

      Thank you Grandma, and a very happy New Year to you too! I’m sad to report that my coat is still enroute via FedEx, and won’t arrive until Thursday, two days after the coldest day forecast so far this year! I feel certain I will have another opportunity to wear it though.

  3. oami powers

    Simply gorgeous photos dahling…(don’t Uncle Steve and Dad look like identical twins? so funny). I also love how you managed to make my house look quite pretty and not like the chaotic nest it really is! So wonderful to spend the hols with you and K. I agree with Grandma, (although I think by ‘boisterous’ she means my brood -huh g’ma?!) A Very Happy New Year to us all! xoxoxo

    • ruchapowers

      oops, I see that I was logged in as you Oami but it was really I Rucha writing that. Don’t worry folks, she doesn’t normally talk to herself….

      • oami powers

        Ha! Yes, I meant to see if I could do little magic behind the scenes to fix that but haven’t been able to work it out yet.

    • oami powers

      Why thank you dear 🙂 wait til you see the pics of the garden I took Christmas morning…I think they capture it’s charm & character well. I loved seeing you all too, though I know the timing wasn’t perfect. And BTW, the brood are boisterous in the best sense of the word!


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