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2011 Gift Guide


I love shopping for presents. I think, in fact I’m pretty sure, that I get more joy out of the process of finding just the right gift for some one than I do receiving them myself. Plus, you get to wrap them, which is always fun.

Unfortunately this year the holidays have, em, snuck up on me, and I’m quite unprepared. This weekend I started virtually leafing through the sites I have bookmarked over the last few years and I thought I’d share some of my finds & gift ideas with you:


I’ve been following Virginia Johnson for years, she designs wonderful textile products with lots of bold colors and prints. One of her lightweight wool scarves would be a splurge, but would never go out of style:

I’m not normally a person who wears robes, but I found these on Etsy recently, and they just conjure up luxury & vacation to me. And really, isn’t that what you want a gift to do? :

Bookhou at Home is another line that specializes in great prints, and I think this color combination is super great:

I met the brothers behind Billy Kirk at a trade show in NYC a few years back. They were great, and so is their leather work. I was checking out their online shop and noticed they have expanded their line and are now carrying some handsome hats, if your man wears a hat:

Around the House:

Vitrified Studios, an Oregon based pottery company, makes these sweet bottle sets, great for spices I would think:

Lorena Barrenzueta’s ceramic incarnations of to go containers have been on my wish list for many years as well. They have all the color of Fiestaware, but with a fun twist. She sells her samples and seconds here, so if you want to get your hands on a solo piece keep an eye out:

Grayworks Design makes wood cutting boards pretty enough to bring to the table:

Artisanal jams and pickles by LemonBird are the kind of thing you might serve on one of those lovely footed boards, or maybe give as a hostess gift:

Or if you know someone who has frequent visitors, of course this would be the obvious choice:

I was checking out the list of fellow vendors at the upcoming Rock & Shop market, and found Biophilia. They offer garden design packages including one called “chickens in the vegetable garden” which will give you a customized plan for a small scale kitchen garden. They also sell kits (and I do love a kit) like this one for kids. Ingenious! I’m thinking it could be the perfect gift for a certain nephew of mine (Royal don’t look):


I’m always thrilled when I open that wrapping paper and find a book inside, and I was thinking that cookbooks would make great gifts. After making many recipes by Mark Bittman and Heidi Swanson,  these two would be top the list of those I’d want to share:

These days buying a year’s worth of periodicals can seem like an extravagance, but it’s actually a pretty affordable option as far as gifts go. I check in on the fantastic Anthology blog regularly and they also publish a quarterly print magazine which I’m sure is just as great. They recently put together a comprehensive gift guide with tons of great ideas, if you’re hankering for more:

Happy shopping!

5 Responses to “2011 Gift Guide”

  1. frances Newcross

    . . .such wonderful images. . .alas too late for me but I think I’ll save it for another time. We are looking forward to seeing you . Another week. . .

  2. oami powers

    I know! You are waaaayyy more organized than I am, I’m sure you finished your shopping a long time ago! Looking forward to seeing you too, have a good catch up.

  3. Norman Ross Powers

    Gifts? Heck, I want some of this, like the hat, the bottles and the wooden toothbrushes—which should be standard issue anyway because millions of unrecyclable, non-biodegradable used plastic toothbrushes are thrown into the dump every year.

  4. oami powers

    That hat would look great on you. Those guys are great. We were at this fancy trade show and Kirk was sitting there making his wallets, Billy was the garrulous one, showed me pictures of his wife who was a body builder!


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