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Thanksgiving in Wilmington


K & I and the pups have just arrived home from three days on the coast, where we rented a little house in Wilmington for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve got that good exhausted feeling you get after a couple of days eating, walking on the beach, eating again….I think I may have gained five pounds, I know my jeans are feeling preeettty snug.

Though the week leading up to our trip was full of challenges and stress, I was keenly aware of the many, many, many things I have to be grateful for woven amongst them.

Too many to list really (at least one for each letter of the alphabet I’m sure). My family, my sister,  my friends, old & new; who regularly bowl me over with their kindness and generosity. Owning our own home (and being able to pay the mortgage so far!). Toilets that work (after they didn’t last week). Being able to do what I love every day. The humbling support of my customers. This blog. My fancy new camera.

Goofy dogs.

Good food on the table.

But first and foremost, I am so thankful for my incredible husband, who makes me laugh (almost) every day, refuses to let me take life too seriously, supports me as I build my little business (even when it drives him crazy), deftly organizes our Netflix queue & vacations alike,  and gives amazing massages. I am truly a lucky woman.

It was his idea to head down to Wilmington in late November for our first get away of the year, though I was secretly worried about inclement weather, he was right, as usual.

Each day we had sunny,  tee-shirt temperatures and clear skies. Thanksgiving with just the two (four) of us was quiet, sweet and simple.

For all of this and more, I say : thank you, thank you, thank you…..

14 Responses to “Thanksgiving in Wilmington”

  1. Kelly

    It was a great weekend for the beach. So glad you all had a break. And so very grateful for you!

  2. ruchapowers

    That Rosie and her tongue are toooooo much!! Hey, glad you guys got away on vacation! Your meal looked yummy…we had steak for thanksgiving too but MY husband laughed at me about it. And no massage either. Hrmph.

  3. frances Newcross

    again, i love the photos of your lives together. . . clearly stella has accepted rosie, excellent! thanx for sharing. the weekend sounds idyllic. looks the same. great weather at beach is a must.

    • oami powers

      I hope your weekend was as relaxing as ours…like I said, a lucky woman indeed. Stella is crazy about Miss Rosie, has been from day one, Rosie keeps her distance mostly though. She’d rather be with a person that play, and follows me around the house.

  4. Norman Ross Powers

    Rosie looks kinda snug in her jeans, too! Wasn’t this your first visit to Wilmington? What did you think of it?

    • oami powers

      She IS. She came to us about 20 pounds over her ideal weight…we are slowly working on taking it off. You can see shoulders and a waist now, where before there was just a big fur ball!

      Wilmington was sweet, a laid back beach town. I think there’s a lot more to see, and it definitely deserves at least a second trip.

  5. Rucha Powers

    I just looked at this again and I just want to say that your photos are great…a visual treat, especially those food shots again. yum. Can’t wait for the beach!!!

  6. Mary

    What great pics Oami! And your dog are seriously cute! Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you!! LuvMary

    • oami powers

      Thanks Mary!! Looking forward to coming out to California in a couple weeks. Are you going to be around? Maybe I’ll get to see you?

  7. Norman Ross Powers

    Thanksgiving seems a long way away, but I’m so glad that you wrote such a lovely column. It says so much about your relationship to all you are doing in your life. I’m grateful that you are in mine!!! xoxo, MM


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