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All Hallows Eve


Somehow we are already at the end of October, this magical season, when as my sister so eloquently put it “the veil between the worlds is at the thinnest, and the lines of fantasy and reality become blurry; the Time was past blends easily with the Time that is present.”

Here, the trees are ablaze, temperatures are nippy, the shadows are long and stark. We’ve had the stove on, making stews and pies. I’ve pulled my sweaters and boots out of the back of my closet.

New scarves in my shop, the color of fiery leaves

As the world around us becomes brighter and darker, moving from the bounty of the harvest to the still privation of winter,  is it no wonder that for centuries this has been the time of year to disguise ourselves, to play tricks and tell scary stories, making light of the darkness?

As Frida y Diego

Or that this is the time of year we honor the souls of the dead with food and light?

Michela's Day of the Dead altar

My favorite tradition on this, my favorite holiday, is carving jack-o-lanterns. Though it’s always seemed slightly pagan to me, apparently the carving of vegetables into lanterns originates from Ireland & Scotland, to honor souls in purgatory.

In any case, I like ’em scared or scary:




2011, a bounty of squash at the Farmers Market

Our picks. Unfortunately K's, though lovely & warty with a dramatic stalk, proved uncarvable.

In process

All lit up

Happy Halloween ya’ll!!

13 Responses to “All Hallows Eve”

  1. Ursula

    Oh you guys look amazing!!!!! Dig the unibrow Oami. I went to Alanna’s Halloween party Saturday in drag,penciled in a sleazy mustache 🙂
    Happy Halloween!
    I love the scarf too…gorgeous

  2. ruchapowers

    Best. Costumes. Ever!! Great piece, love all the pumpkin shots. I guess that high standard of pumpkin-art was instilled in us by Dad cuz I have it too….although carving with kids has brought me down a notch since we’re usually lucky to get them to finish scooping their own before they get bored ( and why must they always pick the biggest pumpkin in the patch??). We tend to go for “the classic” (as Linky calls it!), 2 triangle eyes and a goofy toothless smile! Love ya……

    • oami powers

      You know, I got a little off track this year, because I watched a video from Science Friday about these guys who make these super complicated carved pumpkins (Maceo would like it I think). But when I look back at my old pics, I like the more graphic ones. Linky & K are on the same page with pumpkin style…

  3. frances Newcross

    You guys are amazing Frieda and Diego look a likes [especially with that marvelous teal wall behind you]! The photos of the pumpkins are a pleasure. Love the warty ones. FPN carved our punkin last nite. He’s big and cool! Love and wishes for laughing children tonight.

    • oami powers

      No kid’s I’m afraid 😦 It was rainy and cold, so maybe they all stayed close to home. I could see a FPN style twinkle in K’s eye when he looked at the porch – I think he was seeing all the scary decorating possibilities…

  4. Jacquelyn Marie

    Yo no lo creo! Frida and Diego vivo!! Fantastico!!

    I am off to see Sadie as a vampire witch with blood dripping at her Halloween parade at school.

  5. Norman Ross Powers

    It is a terrific post. Everything– the pumpkins, the jack-o-lanterns, Diego & Frida– is just wonderful. You’ve answered my question, “What’s so special about Halloween?” with perfect elegance. Gracias!


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