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Weekend Walk


Last Saturday K and I broke from the regular weekend routine, and took Stella to Lake Shelly for our morning stroll. Since our move I’ve been walking Stella on various routes in and around our neighborhood. With so much territory to get to know, it seemed unnecessary to drive to one of the little lakes in the area for our constitutional as I used to do so often last year with Grover. But I had forgotten how nice it is to be out and about in these concentrated areas of woodland.

We hatched a plan to drive out to Durham this weekend, and check out one of the trails along the nearby Eno River.

And so, yesterday morning we cajoled/bullied Stella into the car where she took up her customary position huddled in the gap between the front and back seat, head as low to the floor as possible.

Our first stop in Durham was Gugelhopf Bakery, for some morsels to sustain us (I had a phenomenal apple cheese danish, K had their version of a cinnamon swirl).

Then on to the Eastern Trails at the state park. K had done a little research and chose the Bobbitt Hole trail, which follows the river bank and then cuts up through the forest in an elongated loop. I just liked the name.

Trail markers, yellow dots are Cole Mill trail, red Bobbitt Hole. I thought they looked so cool on the different types of bark.

We started on the northern stretch which winds through the forest, dark but dappled with bright spots of sun.

Though I generally have a less than sanguine attitude (especially as compared to my sister’s sweet and poetic musings) to autumn, it being the precursor to falling temperatures, it’s hard not to appreciate it’s pensive beauty.  Like my sister, I saw the signs of fall’s arrival: the fiery red of fallen leaves, grasses gone to seed. And, oh! The mushrooms. I’ve been documenting my growing obsession with fungi here and here, and there was no shortage of cool varieties on display just steps off the path.

K and Stella moved ahead of me as I snapped pics, reveling in that moment of intense, silent concentration just before the image is captured. Abruptly they stopped, K drawing the leash shorter, and in front of them a thin snake moved away across the trail.

And not five minutes later, a repeat of the same, this time for a tiny frog.

At this point we had been moving gradually downhill, soon we emerged from the trees, and a green and sleepy river stretched out in front of us.

K, ever eagle eyed, spied the turtles that sunned themselves on any available branch. Startled by Stella’s movement and the click of the camera, I had to try several times before I was able to get a somewhat fuzzy shot of them:

Stella, checking out the river. This was as far as she would go - NOT a water dog.

We followed the river east, on the southern leg of the loop, the tree cover thinner here allowing more sunlight through.

Dramatic grasses gone to seed, and more mushrooms! These are called coral fungi for obvious reasons, and are reported edible. Though some 'have a laxitive effect' ..yum?!?!

My favorite pics of the day: gorgeous bark texture & bright leaves floating on dark water.

We arrived back at the parking lot at just past noon (though secretly I could have kept going for a few more hours) perfect timing for more eating, so we swung by Broad Street Cafe for some crispy wood fired pizza.

Loaded back into the car, Stella braved the back seat, her eyes drooping as she fought sleep.

Great food, a pretty day, a walk in the woods, good company = one happy and contented girl.

12 Responses to “Weekend Walk”

    • oami powers

      Thanks Gerda! I was surprised to have caught all the critters on film too, that doesn’t (and my camera is not so great on the close ups).

  1. ruchapowers

    I think you should do a print like that close-up of that bark texture. Lovely! Also, I really like the first shot, of Stella’s delicate toenail with the single fall leaf! Great post…fun to ‘go along’ on your walk with you. xoxo

    • oami powers

      That’s what I was thinking! The colors were even more stunning in person. Really, it’s just a post-script to your ode to fall last week……

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    A gorgeous Fall walk with gorgeous photos to go along with them. You are really getting to be quite the photographer, Oami!

  3. Michelle

    Love the mushroom shapes. You and me are really two of a kind, Oami. I have scores of the same types of photos that I use for inspiration, from every walk, etc.

  4. Norman Ross Powers

    I agree, you ARE quite the photographer, East Twin. The thing I like about the first image is the analogy of Stella’s foot with three visible toes and the three lobes of the autumn leaf. Then one looks at the leaf’s higgly-piggly shadow next to the solid shadow of S’s leg and the equation dissolves. It’s pretty cool. Also, someone in a grey camo outfit would be almost invisible in a grove of those mottle-bark trees!

    • oami powers

      Ha! and here I took the picture because I loved how the light was blazing through the leaf, and Stella’s foot ended up in the frame because she insisted on standing right next to me! I was pleased with how it turned out though….one of those happy accidents.

  5. frances Newcross

    OMG! Your photos are wonderful. I clicked on your “here” and got to the complete set of ‘shrooms. All from your yard? That’s impressive. The ones that grow in a circle and are called fairy rings are for fantasies. Our friends used to go mushrooming with friends, that were experts. Mushrooms deserve a healthy respect for their biological niche, variety, beauty AND some varieties’ toxicity. “There are no old bold mushroom gatherers.” Long ago I read some are toxic to the point of shutting your organs down slowly but surely. Good to see you are gathering them up so Stella can not eat them. Again, love the blog. Thanx.

    • oami powers

      Thanks Jacquelyn, Michelle & Fran! I guess I’m my father’s daughter in that I love taking a picture! Fran, yes, all the mushrooms from my Judah Ross blog and my flickr page are from our yard – amazing huh? So far Stella seems pretty disinterested, which is a miracle.


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