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Time Management?


Okay, WordPress is back in action, and so I’m writing this late on Monday, after a long day at the sewing machine. I’m currently working on a freelance project for a local store, making 27 silk tunics, of their design.

Last week I made them 19 leather clutches, plus 26 throw pillows for another client. In fact, when I was looking through my photos from the last couple of weeks I noticed a theme. Stacks!:

Throw pillows

Spring 2012 fabrics, my Judah Ross throw pillows that I put on super sale last week, leather clutches

In the 3 weeks prior to that I made 25 samples, some for my wholesale Spring 2012 line, some for my Fall 2011 collection on Etsy.

I love how different the 2 collections look in color and tone, without losing the common style thread.

Spring 2012 styles

Spring 2012 styles

Fall 2011 styles

Fall 2011 (very excited about this asymmetrical tee, btw)

Just before my model arrived for this shoot, I noticed a visitor had made its way into our sun room. I took a couple quick snaps of it:

What with getting the model dressed & accessorized, and then focusing on the task at hand, I forgot about him. When I was reviewing the shoot the next morning, I noticed that he has quietly made his way across our set, literally right underfoot at times.

Installment 2, written late on Tuesday night:

But I digress.

Setting down on (virtual) paper this list of concrete accomplishments allows me for a moment to have a fresh perspective, my habitual one being that of what I have NOT been able to do, what remains to be done or what I have had to let go of completely (like the laundry, organizing my desk, training with Stella).

Either I have what they like to call a “time management problem” on Project Runway, or there really truly are too many things to in the few short hours of each day.

Oliver Green, upon being told he has a TMP

I was on the phone with my dad last weekend, phone tucked between my ear and my shoulder, cutting out leather clutches and then moving right on to cutting up vegetables for dinner. He fretted about my neck, and then he gently asked “so what is the arrangement about working on the weekend?” As in how does K feel about all this?

I said something like “well, as long as there are 1 or 2 weekends a month I don’t work, K’s pretty tolerant”. Which is true, but it’s also true that it’s something we struggle with at times.

Prepping to dye Fall 2011 samples.

And after reading my sister’s post last week, it also makes me reflect that we are each striving to balance the things on our respective plates, despite how different the “meals” on those plates are, and I find some comfort in that. That we have this place to share that with each other.

Plus there’s the caterpillar, and he (along with all the other little magic moments and small accomplishments) helps.

10 Responses to “Time Management?”

  1. Norman Ross Powers

    Hmmm…. On your schedule the day begins around 5am, if you’re at the gym by 5:40, and ends at midnight. East Twin, you get so much done and you do it so well, but if I were your doctor I might say you have a SMP!

  2. Jennifer

    I agree with Norman!
    5-6 hours of sleep is not enough. Inadequate sleep weakens the immune system, and increases levels of cortisol which can cause hypertension and weight gain among other problems.

    Finished with lecturing now.

    All of the S/S ’12 an F/W ’11 designs look amazing. I want that asymmetrical tee.
    Now get some sleep!

    • oami powers

      Yay! Glad you like it. Your new prints are STUNNING. I want to put them on my pinterest board, but I can’t ‘grab’ the photo? You probably do that to protect your copyright though huh?

  3. frances Newcross

    Oh Oami, you are after all only one woman, but look at all you’ve done. Those fabrics look lovely. So glad you are recording the accomplishments. Very glad you are exercising, but most people, Frank excepted, need more than 5 hours sleep. Your clothing is unique and sumptuous. Sew on, but sleep one more hour. Burn out can be very sneaky.

  4. kelly

    Ok, now I’m feeling like a couch potato.
    Your designs and fabrics are so gorgeous. I especially love the salmon/green combination in the top and skirt. And the striped top turned out really pretty. I hear you about balancing time. We have that discussion around here, too. It is important, and challenging, for sure.
    Love the fuzzy visitor!

    • oami powers

      Giant hug! Glad you like the striped tee….didn’t have to fight for that one at all, it just arrived, almost complete first go around. Gotta love that.

  5. oami powers

    Thank you for all the reminders about sleep Fran, Jennifer & dad, but never fear I love my sleep, so this schedule doesn’t last for long periods of time. I usually have a nice long snooze on the weekends too, to catch up.

  6. ruchapowers

    It’s that hour of tweet, blog and online store that’ll really get ya huh?



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