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A week in pictures

East Twin:


We may finally be adapting to our semi-tropical summer weather.

Intermittent rain was predicted, so we watched the radar and managed to squeeze in an amazing amount of out-door activity in between showers.

Traveling home from an errand mid-rain squall, temporary Bedazzling on our elephant ear

Our first foray of the day was to the farmers market where we bought a lantana (inspired by our neighbors, who have several bushes, each at least five feet in diameter).

We also bought the inky elephant ear above and two bougainvillea to satiate my nostalgia for the California bush. Though these will always be more modest, confined as they are to hanging pots in order to winter over indoors, it still lifted my heart to see the papery, bright blooms.

K.  even managed to barbeque, his first attempt at beer chicken. It turned out smoky, spicy, and juicy, and we had enough for meat for Sunday’s dinner, plus leftovers for tacos and soup later in the week.

Beer chicken! Before and after.


I got a couple of etsy orders over the weekend, plus I’ve been working on some wholesale orders which are due to go out next week, so the word of the day was ‘sewing’. I made four Hargett Street skirts, three for a store in Seattle, one for a customer here in Raleigh.

Close-up of the waistband, lined in a cheery polka-dot.


More sewing! I cut a made to order Johannesburg blouse for a loyal customer in Canada. This took more time than it normally would, because there were some changes I’d been wanting to make to the pattern, to allow the sleeve to sit in a better looking, and more comfortable way.

That afternoon K brought me home a set of slightly tattered, but still lovely moth wings. I put them with the set of butterfly wings I found last year, which are pretty battered by now as well. Still, the colors and markings are so stunning.

In the afternoon, I headed over to Epona & Oak to drop off some work, and chatted with the lovely proprietors Cheryl and Leanne about a sewing workshop we’re planning on doing after hours at the shop (super exciting!).

Then I drove out to Chapel Hill to be a part of the jury for their Festifall Arts Festival. It was the first time I’ve been on a selection committee, was a pretty interesting experience, being on the other side of the fence as it were. Plus they had homemade snacks!


Was crazy.

I met with a client in the morning, someone I will be doing some freelance sewing jobs for next month.

Then back home to squeeze in a little work on my online shop, and researching how to run an online raffle (I had wanted to raffle off three Judah Ross pieces, but it turns out this is considered gambling, and is illegal in most states).

Then off to get my haircut by the always darling Christie. Stopped by Cat Banjo on my way home, and chatted with my fellow designer Jamie who works there, and got a possible line on someone who can help me with sewing should my wholesale business continue to grow.

Then back home to find that the mail had arrived, with the bunny rabbit tee-shirt I treated myself to Tuesday morning (Tuesday morning, from California!), and the postcards I ordered last week. Yep, that is the beautiful West Twin rockin’ my dress in the photo….

Photo on postcard by Justine Belson

Plus, did I mention it was hot? Our heat pump has been working overtime in the last couple of weeks. And though this week has been relatively cool, with temps only in the mid-90’s, the humidity makes it seem a whole lot hotter.


Cut out, constructed and packed up my second made to order garment, a Nefertiti tank for a customer in California.

Just after lunch a graduate cultural anthropology student from NC State came by to interview me for her masters thesis, which is about craft and the D.I.Y. movement in the Triangle area. Another first for me, and fun to get to talk at length about craft, art and culture.


Dropped off my etsy orders at the post office.

Called a fabric vendor and asked for samples of cotton and linen fabrics for the Spring 2012 line. My samples for this need to be done ASAP, and I’m hoping to get started on them next week.

Finished grading my Aegean blouse pattern, and then cut a size run for my Seattle order. Here’s what my studio floor looked like after that was done:

Checking off the to do list

On the first Friday of every month galleries and shops stay open late in downtown Raleigh, there is often live music and special events afoot.

Rounding off the week on a sweet note, in the evening I met my friend Kelly at Epona & Oak, and we spent a lovely couple of hours walking in the warm evening, checking out the art on display and talking about our ventures.

The 3rd annual Love-big draw off, a fundraiser for Toxic Free NC, and part of Rebecca Ward's "thickly sliced" show at the Contemporary Art Museum

A piece and it's shadow by Dan Steinhilber, also at CAM. Made of entirely (and only) of hangers hooked together

10 Responses to “A week in pictures”

  1. ursula

    i love the photos! wow, the postcard came out really cool, i like how it’s a white background. the dress and her beauty really pop that way (she’s coming here friday to style for me!) god, your so organized! whirlwind of work too. i didn’t realize those wholesale orders were immediates!? so you can grow bougainvillea there? so lucky. they won’t even sell it here, it won’t thrive in winter. hang in there – good to be busy!

  2. ursula

    oh – love the contrast waistband and the dyed JR label! send me one of those post cards in the mail when you get a chance so i can put on the wall at my studio.

    • oami powers

      Will do! Yes, immediates for Velouria and Fisherman’s Daughter, the small starter order for fall with Kosa, then four stores interested in seeing Spring 2012 (now I HAVE to come up with spring quick!)

    • oami powers

      Hey Stef, I sent you a message via FB about the skirt….it LOOKS like you’ve been partying with my fam….I’m so totally missing out 😦

  3. Norman Ross Powers

    I liked this week of yours. It was breezy, professional, productive, happy and full of engaging visual details. You moved around town like someone who’s hip deep in the place….as though you know everyone who should be known and have business everyplace that’s anyplace. Nice!

  4. ruchapowers

    3 things:
    1) I simply LOVE the Hargett Street skirt with that great contrast waistband. Every woman should own this skirt!!
    2) That chicken looks like a delicious frat-boy at a bbq!
    3) I’m totally stoked about that postcard…didn’t know I made the cut…it’ll be my 15 minutes of fame!



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