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Free Pass


I’m sorry to do this, dear friends and loyal readers, but all H-E-L-L (or h-e- “double hockey stick” as we like to say around our kids) has broken out here and blog Sunday has been totally derailed.

I won’t go into the details except to say: plumbing disaster sends water geyser-ing in backyard; 4-day camping trip day after tomorrow which we’re completely unprepared for (maps and gear scattered all over the house ); oh, and bare cupboards and cranky kids necessitating grocery shopping A.S.AP. As much as I want to I just can’t justify sitting in front of the computer blogging my brains out for a good part of the day.

So…this is it. I’m cashing in my FREE PASS – do not blog, do not pass go.

I am admitting defeat. I’m chagrined and I’m sorry but I’ll be back week after next, and I’m sure East Twin is cooking up something good for her post next Sunday in the meantime.

Until then you can check out our blog rolls, grab a second cup of coffee and perhaps join me of act of letting go of something important but maybe not entirely necessary..a good excuse to relax and practice detachment in the face of chaos and the unpredictability of life. Right??!



3 Responses to “Free Pass”

  1. Jenni

    If misery loves company, I’m your gal. I too have had the week from H-E-double hockey stick. Hoping the chaos swirling around you and yours subsides soon. I’m telling myself it could be worse; therefore, I’m blessed. Right????

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    Breathe, Rucha and remember everything changes. Lots of love.


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