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Belated Anniversary


It’s hard to believe, but West Twin and I posted our first blog entry one year and one month ago.

Though I sometimes dread having to “come up with something to say” every couple of weeks, I feel incredibly grateful to my sister for creating this project with me. I love that we talk more regularly, ostensibly about the blog, but inevitably about all manner of other topics as well. And I love getting my bi-weekly glimpse into her life and imagination.

So, albeit belatedly, in celebration, I dug through my collection of photos, and scanned in some of my favorites:

Oami & Rucha with daddy Ross, circa 1974.

The twins feeding mom toast in the bath, Oami with one of Sula's kittens.

YMCA camp. Rucha is center of the front row, with our friends Sofie just the left and Danielle just behind her, Oami far right.

Oami circa 1986. Funny that I have EXACTLY THE SAME HAIRCUT 25 years later.

Why is someone always got the rabbit ears behind Rucha's head? Kym is that you?? Circa 1987.

Madonna inspired ensemble circa 1988? on our brother Paul's porch, Nelson NZ/ Rucha senior year of high school.

Oami at 14, post car accident, Nelson NZ/ The summer after highschool, Rucha's favorite thing to do was to rub my Sinead O'Conner inspired 'do.

Oami, picture part of a series taken for an art project, senior year, high school.

Rucha, freshman year of college, nicking posters/Our flat on Cashel Street, Christchurch NZ

Oami taking inventory at Grace Baking circa 1995/Celebrating ( a birthday?) at Rucha's apartment on Lombard St., SF.

Birthday girls partying in Sacramento

Oami circa 2002. Kirk has never forgiven me for getting rid of this couch.

Rucha with baby Maceo and our goddess mother Jacquelyn, at Oami & Kirks wedding 2001

Oami, walking at Golden Bay, NZ circa 2007

Rucha & Maceo. Her dreads are maybe a year old?

Diva Rucha/ Oami walking with Lincoln at Lake Merritt, Oakland

Rucha, Keith and Royal, Christmas 2009

2011! Rucha modeling Judah Ross (photo courtsey of Justine Belson), Oami behind the scenes during a JR photoshoot (photo courtesy of Michelle Scouten Smith)

Thank you, my darling, for a wonderful year (and one month). Here’s to many more years of fun and collaboration!

xo O

11 Responses to “Belated Anniversary”

  1. ruchapowers

    OMG….Hairstyle retrospective!!!
    I love you too and can’t believe it’s already been a year of this awesome collaboration! Thanks for lighting a fire under my butt to do it; getting me to write more and to explore this opportunity for creative expression. Let’s make a virtual toast: May this blog always be fun, engaging and informative! May we know each other a little better every week! May we find mutual success and fortune! (and that book deal!!) xoxo

  2. Emma Moncrieff

    Love the photos! some of them bring back wonderful memories! love to you two gorgeous girls xxx

    • oami powers

      Yay, thanks Emma….yeah, it was a trip looking through all my boxes of photos, so many great pictures of us from the Bishop Julius days….

  3. Jacquelyn Marie

    Loved the retrospective and remembering you two at all your transformations and hairstyles. You both are still as beautiful as ever!
    Had not seen the photo of me with Rucha at Oami’s wedding. Thanks.

    Much love from your Goddess Mother

    • oami powers

      Ah, the hair…..where did the propensity to change our hair every couple of months come from I wonder?? I started with a streak of tangerine in my bangs at 12 and have never looked back…

  4. sharon teig

    cheers to two of the most creative sisters I’ve ever known (oh…not to forget justine/steph!!)..So many incarnations of self-soul….wishing you girls the best..auntie sharon

  5. Norman Ross Powers

    This is such a super photo selection, East Twin. It’s made me kinda sniffly seeing you two growing up again, so beautiful and full of life. Thank you!

    • oami powers

      Me too dad, except I just scrolled through and realized there are some pics missing ?!? going in to put them back in….


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