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Detours, diversions and definitely…digressions.


Ever start one thing, or have a singular goal, only to end up involved in something totally different; somewhere you didn’t mean to be? Well, it happens to me ALL the time and judging by East Twin’s post last week (the one where she started the day with intentions of packing for an impending market, and ended up woofing burgers and brews in neighboring Durham) it happens to my organized and ever-practical sister too. Maybe I’m not the only one who inherited the flighty gene in the family, or as my dear Auntie Diana refers her own “grasshopper ways”.

Well, it’s been a kind of  grasshopper-week around here, and not all of it was of my own doing, I swear. It’s been one detour or distraction after another. All of them good diversions that took us away from the ‘original plan’ (whatever that happened to be) and most had lovely results. But… it’s circuitous nonetheless, and I sometimes feel as if I’m being put through my paces in the fine art of ‘turning on a dime’.

Delay: On Sunday my husband and I finally mustered up the chutzpah to tackle this little waterfall project that’s been brewing for…I dunno, a year? We had the concrete & mixer, we had the help of our faithful friend Floyd and it seemed the perfect time of year to do it because the heat would dry it right up and we could get it finished in no time. Or so we thought.

Who would have believed that the next day it rained? It rained on the second to last day of  June. In Sacramento. And yes, we had heard the weather reports but frankly we didn’t believe them. 70% chance of rain, my shoe. But it rained alright, it rained ALOT. Dumped down.

Where did I put the rainboots?

Royal on compost duty.

We did get the waterfall basically formed and although the extra moisture will add a week to the drying time, it didn’t look half bad. don’t want to ruin it, in case our garden transformation is the subject of a future post, but here is a sneak preview:

waterfall, stage 1

With the last of the concrete churning in the  mixer and the rain not letting up, we threw down some unslightly blobs to use it all up and called “c’mon kids. we’re making stepping stones”. Creative solution, no?

stepping stones

Sadly we must have missed a important engineering protocol because the “stepping” stones, finally dry and moved into the garden today, broke into pieces as soon as they were stepped on in  earnest. But, I digress…..


Detour: Wednesday found us making a trip over to Santa Rosa to visit my grandma. She’s “Gigi” (a.k.a  “G.G”, as in Great Grandmother) to my kids and they don’t get to see her as much as we would like due to the fact that we live over two hours away. It’s not an impossible distance but with three boys in car, it does make for a loonnnggg day.

This time we started early in the morning to factor in time for pit-stops, pee breaks, fuel needs and a couple of necessary detours. For instance, coffee. We were headed to Santa Rosa along the route that zigzags through highway 12 to 20 to 116. Passing through, as Keith solemnly intoned to the boys, the “world-famous Napa Valley” . Ooo aah.

Why not hop, skip and jump up over to Sebastapol on our way and stop in at my Uncle Steve’s coffeeshop “Cheeko’s Corner”?  Cheeko’s is a little cart located next to the specialty grocery store and deli  Fiesta Market (or maybe now it’s Pacific Market) on the Gravenstein Highway. My uncle’s had his business there for over 10 years although it’s currently a little hidden from view by some construction from the market’s perpetual remodel.

No matter. We found our way and had a charming little visit. An you should too. Cheeko’s makes a jammin’ mocha! Thanks Uncle Steve!

 Stocked up on lunch for grandma, yummies and caffeine and good family vibes, we were back in the van and off to Gigi’s where we spent several hours catching up and being entertained by the balloon kit she got for the kids. They played “Octopus Arms”, the goal of which is to blow up as many long skinny balloons as possible and use these as arms to battle for underwater supremacy.  It kept them very happy and was the perfect diversion.

thank you Gigi! xo

And to ease the long ride home, we made one more detour and stopped in Howarth Park a few minutes outside downtown Santa Rosa. I’d found out about it online of course when looking for family-friendly activities and learned they had some kind of water play area with fountains. Luckily I took that to heart and packed towels and changes of clothes because we did stop there and like moths to a light, so were our boys to the water.


Distraction:  I started off my week with the same dilemma as my sister had last week. I’m going out of town with my kids for the upcoming holiday weekend and with everything else there is to do, I wanted to get this blog post finished and ready to published ahead of time. But lots of little distractions keep getting in my way and keeping me from finishing it.

To be fair there were some other important events occupying us this week, including celebrating our three year old’s birthday and grieving the loss of a dear friends father, James Harold Hallsted, whose funeral we attended yesterday. Jim, you are missed.

Maybe it’s a coping mechanism but my mind seems to flit to little details, shiny happy things, that make me feel better and help me remain optimistic.

And this week, it’s fancy fingernails.

Ever since my sister recommended her favorite design blog Mociun, I’ve been looking it  and loving her beautiful fingernails. I think they are  designer Caitlin Mociun’s own hands in all the shots and I’m dying to know how she does her nail art! My attempt was a little less sophisticated…



I think I’m just feeling inspired by the excitement of this holiday weekend (remember the one I’m supposed to be packing for right now?) and am ready funky 4th o’ July…Truckee style!

4th of July parade, downtown Truckee

I can’t wait to get up to Donner Lake hang with all our dear friends and ‘adopted’ family. We are so lucky to get to be in this place, so a great big Thank You those folks (you know who you are!) who have always generously included us.

See you at the Lake!

….as soon as I get packed. And finish this blog. And put one more coat on my nails..

Now,..where was I?

3 Responses to “Detours, diversions and definitely…digressions.”

  1. spongey stef

    then thar nails are handpainted ….. and if u dig up a teensy brush(Sally) and some acetone i will happily embellish urs dear pal……………… Caint wait 2 c yall 4 the 4th and my youngest lil’ mamas bday!! ms.firecracker will be 19!!! ur tante eagerly awaits ,dear boys….

    • sharon teig

      so cool to read your’s better than fiction, better than fact, to read words of a lovely person you know…so intimate, so open…so ‘spiritual’ and YOU know what I mean.

      especially love the nails..
      glad to have you as part of my holiday weekend..your boys are a treasure.

  2. oami powers

    Preeettty sure the July 4th festivities with you lot is a great big party. Did you see the email I sent with the painted nails?


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