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On the Road Again


Just as my sister’s blog day seems to inevitably fall on a holiday, so too mine seem to fall on busy work weekends. Or maybe I just work a lot of weekends? In any case, this week is no exception. This weekend I will be sharing a booth with the lovely Liz at an event called Chatty Crafty in Chattanooga Tennessee.

The event is held outdoors, both Saturday and Sunday with a grand total of 103 (!) vendors and promises to be a lot of fun. Though if I’m honest, I’m just as excited to see Chattanooga itself, about which I know virtually nothing, except that it was a railway hub in it’s time, sits on the other side of the Appalachian Ridge and lies between Chickamauga Lake and Nickajack Lakes, which could seriously be the best lake names ever. I’m adding them to the growing list of awesome place names that I’ve compiled since moving to North Carolina.  The list includes Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Sugar Mountain, Skinnersville, Toast, Scotland Neck and Sparta (which is right next to Roaring Gap) to name just a few.

Downtown Chattanooga

Our route

Because Chattanooga is a good eight-hour drive away (road trip!!), and because with any luck our booth with be crawling with customers and I’ll be selling through every piece of clothing on my rack, I’m endeavoring to prepare my post in advance.

Which is where we run into a problem. You see, I can have a tendency to, at times, some of those times deadline times, em, uh, er……procrastinate. So when my darling man called me from work yesterday and suggested that we play hooky and drive 40 minutes over to Durham to have lunch, I looked at my pile of ironing and the blinking cursor on the screen and ‘sure, sounds great!’.

He’d been hankering to try a place recommended to us by a friend called Bull City Burgers and Brewery, which specializes in pasture raised beef burgers and beer brewed on the premises. I have a soft spot for Durham, which is not as polished as Raleigh but has an eclectic energy which seems to fuel art, good food and music.

Bull City Brewing is situated in a repurposed brick building, typical of Durham which has turned it's old tabacco factories and warehouses into restaurants, shops and artist studios

Durham pride in action

K ordered the Bacon & Blue, and lured by the promise of pickled vegetables and a play on the regional specialty, I chose the Pimento burger.

Woof, I was full for hours. Isn’t playing hooky the best feeling? And maybe there were a few minor things left undone, but it was so worth it to steal a couple of hours with my husband, since we’ve had few weekends so far this summer together what with work, travel and DIY (which hardly counts after all).

Packed and ready to hit the road

The clothes are ironed, tagged and folded. I packed every little thing I thought we could possibly need, from scissors to bug repellant (it’s next to one of the aforementioned rivers). Time to hit the road!

5 Responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. Amy willis

    I’d love to check out the burgers while I’m visiting you! I hope the show is going well.

  2. frances Newcross

    Oh I so enjoy your blogs. I feel like I’m there with you both and do like that since I miss our getting together.

  3. ursula

    the pictures of the burger and fries are almost too much – yum! well i heard today the show was going great so i’m glad to hear that. what a cool adventure. did you drive through the appalachian mountains? what’s that like?

  4. Jacquelyn Marie

    Have a wonderful time, O! You are really getting to experience the East!

  5. ruchapowers

    I thought the sign said “zombie lunch”, as in everyone dresses up as a zombie and hits the town for lunch, which sounded cool to me. Then I re-read the tiny writing and I see it’s the international “zombie lurch”. Dang. Lurching slowly for 1.5 miles is impressive!!


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