Two sisters, two coasts, one blog

Going home


The Bay Area

Dad and Michela's patch o' grass, Berkeley

Michela tending to her fava beans, the garden (an oasis)

My brother Sean, and my nephew Khai, working on the mini walkie talkies I gave Khai for his birthday

My niece MyLinh, with a rose-thorn bindi


Sean's dog, Iko

Coyote Hills Regional Park, Sunday walk with Dad



Walking at Ancil Hoffman County Park Sacramento with Rucha and her sons Lincoln and Royal. "Dart Shooter" caterpillars, and warnings of rattlesnakes and poison oak had Royal concerned, so he wanted a lift to stay well out of danger

Exploring the river. Lincoln in the foreground, Royal in the background

Royal with his funny little smile, Rucha's new Saltwater sandals in action

My nephew Maceo, rocking the unicycle at his school's circus performance

Maceo, close up. Fellow unicyclists.

Dinner at Lalo's with friends. Bean (a.k.a Justine) and her daughter Czesa

Elvie (Bean's youngest daughter) and my dear friend Sandra with her daughter Meera

Lincoln and Maceo, tucking into some horchata

 Santa Rosa

Burgers with my Grandma Freda and my dad. What I love about my grandma? She can talk about current politics, Lady Gaga and the transformation of women's lives in the 20th century with equal aplomb, and has an amazingly open mind about it all.


Visiting with my best friend Ursula

And her son Marcello

And her daughter Giulietta (my god daughter), sweet skeleton guy

My sister. My co-conspirator. I love you and I miss you already

Apologies to Jacquelyn, Thao, Fran & Frank, Ursula and Jeremy: I was so busy enjoying your company I neglected to take pictures of you!

Everybody (including everybody I DIDN’T get to see, because there were a lot of you): I’m missing you all already. Sending you more love than I can express, Oami

7 Responses to “Going home”

  1. Jacquelyn Marie

    Loved seeing you, Oami and having a good lunch and talk. Miss you already!!

  2. ursula

    it was the BEST seeing you kiddo…but painful after you left, especially once we were in full chatter mode there at the studio, just like old times huh? i am looking forward to coming out to NC now and picking up where we left off. love and miss you. xoxoxo

    • oami powers

      I know, it was HARD, leaving…great to see your new workspace though, and have those couple of hours of shop talk. I can’t tell you how excited I will be if you guys come out….yahoo!!!

  3. ruchapowers

    Ursula..when are you guys going? We are planning a trip now also. Just a few days of Oami time wasn’t enough! That was my favorite day, out at the river. Those dart-shooters only sound fierce…they’ll be sweet little butterflies in just a few weeks time. Still salivating over Molcajete at Lalo’s. Did I say thank you for dinner?? xoxo

    • oami powers

      You did, and it was my pleasure. I wish I’d captured the fabulousness that was the Molcajete too. And the yellow water iris at the river. A few days of Rucha time wasn’t enough either, I will be jumping up and down and yelling when I hear you all are ready for your trip..

  4. Freda Powers

    The nicest words I’ve heard since the days of Terry, Dad , and Norma! I thank you for asking questions and sharing precious time with me. I love you in your maturity as much as I did the first time I saw you as a newborn! G,ma


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