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Live and in-person!


I’m SO excited! (can you tell??) Oami (a.k.a “East Twin”, a.k.a the mastermind behind Judah Ross clothing label, a .k.a my sweet twin sister) is here! Well, not here in Sacramento, she was, but she headed down to the Bay Area for the weekend; but she’s here in rainy California and that’s the closest we’ve been to each other’s proximity in over a year-and-a-half. She’ll be back up here on Monday sleeping on my couch for a whole five days. I can’t wait!!

She arrived Thursday around lunchtime. The ever-consummate traveler, she needed no meeting at the airport but showed up on her own in her electric blue rental car, looking ever so flash. My boys were excited and most impressed. “Zia’s car”!! And although my sister can be at times camera shy as the Yeti, we just had to get proof of our sighting!

So, with just a quick 24-hour pit-stop before going on to Berkeley and her social calendar chock-a-block with friends and family to see there, we made the most of our time together. Yes that’s right, we shopped at Costco.

To be fair, it was on my to-do list anyway and the idea of picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner was appealing, still it seemed like a goofy way to spend our time together and re-connect. However when she graciously suggested that we go ahead and do it because, “it might be easier, since I can help with the boys”, I jumped on her offer.

photos courtesy of Oami Powers

We tried to catch up on all our news while negotiating giant packs of toilet paper and the kids’ obsession with the “taster-testers”, as they call those people in paper hair-nets. The thing I love about being with my sister is that more than any other human on earth, I just have this instantaneous sense of peace and familiarity when I’m with her. Doesn’t matter the environment, I just feel like myself. It is just so comforting.

Anyway, over churros and hot dogs in the food court we tried to capture some more photographic proof that we were in fact here, together, sharing the same place and time zone. Without much success in the self-portrait department finally we passed the camera off the Lincoln with mixed results. He did manage to get a decent, albeit fuzzy shot of the two of us together, but he kept getting a little distracted. By far the winning composition was this one of the hot dog. “It’s like living with Pecker” I joked.


The rest of our day was spent with her tagging along during my usual domestic routine: school pickup, homework questions (I can’t remember how to multiple mixed-fractions, can you?), dinner prep (easy thanks to that Costco chicken) and tending to various injuries (there seemed to be more than the usual amounts of tears and bumps and Band-Aids – maybe the kids were a little over-excited to see her??).

Finally, having packed them all of to bed, we got our chance at uninterrupted conversation. Well, I was ready. She was cat-napping on the couch, probably ready for bed, after all it was already close to midnight in Raleigh. But I had a project in my mind and like a good little sister I wasn’t going to rest until we did things my way. “It’ll be an interview” I told her “about the blog”.

Call it an editorial meeting or vision-planning or simply a chance to talk about this thing that monopolizes our Sundays every other week. This was the time to ask her some stuff and I wasn’t about to let her doze off.

Do you know that since we started this project we have not seen each other in person but have conceived of, designed, and managed it only through virtual communication? weird.

I plied her with strong tea and tootsie-roll lollipops, we set-up the voice recorder application on her phone and set about our ‘interview’. It was long and wordy and meandering as only a conversation between two people who have known each other their entire lives can be.

We covered the rigors of  “blog Sunday” (i.e. the stressful day that our posts are due, we alternate every other week), the places she gets her own artistic inspiration and what have been our favorite posts. After transcribing and editing our whole talk, I’ve decided to save it as a chapter in that inevitable coffee table book  (wink).

Y’all don’t need an entire transcript which is full of twin-ish tendencies like finishing each other’s sentences but here’s the highlights;

Rucha's favorite Post? 'Fashion Week' featuring the fabulous Miss Pattie got lots of hits thanks to Miss Pattie's huge fan base!

Favorite experimental post? Oami's 'Audition for Roger Roeper's job' which recommended movies, including The September Issue featuring the incredible & inspiring Grace Coddington

Blog Sunday? "..there’s always a sense of accomplishment when it’s done and you’ve crafted something."

Other favorite blogs? East Twin is inspired by the blog of textile designer Caitlin Mociun:

What's next for ETWT? A book! The movie! World domination!

Eventually fatigue set in and neither one of us could complete an intelligent sentence any longer; our musings and dreams gave  way to mumblings so Oami got cozy in a nest of blankets on the couch and I wandered off to bed.

I lay there slipping in and out of sleep, planning our time together for next week. We are concocting a photo shoot, something  a little  editorial and artistic for her Judah Ross website (move over Anna Wintour!), a trunk show at my house of her new line (email me privately if you are in the Sacramento area and would like to attend!) as well as some walk time (if this rain ever lets up?) and of course lots and lots more late-night meandering sisterly conversations.

And above all, that is what I am looking forward to the most.


5 Responses to “Live and in-person!”

  1. Aunt Diana

    What a splendid vision of sisterhood…and thanks to Lincoln for the photo that sums it all up. Fuzzy or not, it is destined for my fridge door.
    So very happy for you all!

  2. Jacquelyn Marie

    Loved seeing Oami and now I can imagine you two together. What fun!
    Rucha, must see you this summer!!

  3. Amy willis

    Did I ever tell you about the time I met grace coddington? It was brief but she is memorable.

  4. Norman Ross Powers

    East Twin is returning to you tomorrow. Thank you for sharing! We had a really swell time with her while she was in the BA– catching up, rebonding, soaking up her sweet personality. Last night when we went out she looked terrific in a print dress designed by her friend. One more event, a visit with G’ma, and then she’s back in Sac. Enjoy the rest of her visit!


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