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Extra Extra! Happy Birthday Edition!

The Happiest of happy birthdays to my dear twin, sister of sisters, sweet keeper of my heart!

I cannot believe we are 38!

Forty is in our sights!

How can that be? Look at these little girls…the mind boggles.

Rucha & Oami (circa 1974)

I hope you have a Grand day today, doing all the good things that you enjoy doing…. in your lovely new home, with your lovely husband and lovely dog and all your lovely new friends.

Ru climbing / chasing Mama!

Thank you for always being a listening ear and my creative litmus; for your  stylish eye; for being the compassionate voice and for loving me just the way I am.

Thanks too to Judith, without whom we’d be nothing…literally.

Mom with "the girls" / little wee Oami






(March 30th 2011)


10 Responses to “Extra Extra! Happy Birthday Edition!”

  1. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Oami (and Rucha 🙂
    I didn’t know we were the same age.
    Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. Emma Moncrieff

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girls!! I hope your day is filled with Love Light and Laughter!
    Love and hugs from Emma

  3. Lorraine Abate

    Happy Birthday Rucha and Oami!! Those pictures are so-o-o-o sweet! I love the way the red outfit is paired with the blue shoes and vice versa. Thanks for sharing. I hope you both have a wonderful day.

    Rucha, I have to tell you, I am so appreciative of having you and your style and talent for making things beautiful in my life. You are such a wonderful presence! Thank you for sharing what you’ve got so generously.

    Can you do a post on how your parents chose your names?

  4. Jacquelyn Marie

    Oh, my lovely Goddess daughters! I so remember you two when you were so small! And you are still both adorable, wonderful, creative, clever, and charming women! Happy Birthday to Rucha and Oami

  5. oami powers

    I DO love you, just as you are! Which is funny, wise, outspoken (in the best way), creative and nurturing…..I’m so glad that I came into the world with you, and that you have been with me all along the way….I hope the boys take it easy on you today and you get to have lots of fun grownup time with the girls this weekend. Love, love, love, more than I can say..xxxxxooooo O

  6. ruchapowers

    Now you’re the one making me cry!! El Poco Moco is doing a number on me and doesn’t care a smidge that it’s our birthday but I’m blasting music and dancing anyway… LOVE YOU!

  7. Freda Powers

    You were a pair of cute kids! But then, ALL little kids are cute. I don’t know about the other “cute kids”, but I know you girls have become
    lovely young women, productive, giving and sharing, and holding your family and friends so close. May your futures always be filled with love. Much of it from


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