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First off, a belated, but no less heart felt thank you to all of you who wrote to me about Grover, here on the blog, on Facebook, and through email. Though I haven’t been able to write a reply to each one of you, do know that I deeply appreciated your comments, support and virtual love.

And thank you as well for all the messages of congratulations about the happier news of our home purchase. There’s plenty of room if anyone decides they would like to see it in person! Though after the move and repair work that has been going on all week the mess around here is reaching epic proportions. So you might want to wait a bit to book your tickets.

Anyone local wanna trade cleaning services for clothes???? Scratch that, because I’m going to need all the inventory I can produce in next three weeks, if I get accepted into all the spring markets I’ve applied to.

Oh, how the mess grows...and grows...

Yes folks, I have already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions – to balance my work and private life more successfully. I’ve done very little for my business in the last couple of months other than lay the ground work for a more sophisticated looking online presence, and fill out market applications. Which means that I will be sewing as close to 24-7 as I can get. The house work will get put off a little longer, meals will get more basic, Stella will get fewer walks. But I’m excited about some of the new or new-and-improved designs I have in mind.

Planning stages

This weekend I pulled out a skirt pattern I developed almost 2 years ago, and then reworked last fall. It sold fairly well, and I thought it was super flattering, so I’m planning on making another size run. The pattern wasn’t quite perfect though – the fabric I use for the skirt has a lot of stretch to it, and consequently the fit was about a half size too big on the last run of them I made.

Cutting out the adjusted pattern

The biggest purchase of last year, an industrial five thread serger, in action

The final result

I’m also making a dress out of the same fabric, which you may remember from the Rock n’ Shop fashion show in December:

I’m planning on sending this one out to be graded, so I wanted to check the pattern, to make sure it was a standard size.

Dress mocked up in muslin

Tomorrow I will make some changes to the pattern, and make one up in the denim, before sending it off.

Our dogwoods are blooming!

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, sunny and hot. The spring flowers are really starting, and I have had to snatch a few minutes on the back porch each day in between sewing and supervising the repair work, to soak in the sun’s warmth. Meanwhile, Kirk was channeling his peasant ancestors outside in the yard, breaking down ill-placed flower beds and re-homing the dirt and bricks. And Stella has been a busy bee too, snuffling and digging, chewing on sticks, playing Chase-The-Rake…

Maybe she’ll be just fine if I miss a couple of those walks.

12 Responses to “Busy Bee”

  1. Gerda Dinwiddie

    Hey Oami,
    A belated ” Happy New House” wish to you and Kirk.
    All the best also for your “Spring Collection” – nice-looking wearable stuff!

  2. Sandra

    Oami! I miss you so. I am excited to see your latest designs as well. I hope we can talk soon!

  3. kelly smith-tilly

    I’m so excited about these gorgeous new designs! And look at Stella. Obviously she’s enjoying her new home. Woo!

  4. oami powers

    Thanks ladies! I just finished the final sample of the denim dress…boy does this fabric streeettttchhhh. Trying to account for it is tricky.

  5. Anne Marquiss

    The more stretch the better. I love the dress and the skirt! Super cute!

  6. spongey queen

    wow i have 5thread serger envy…….
    not 2 mention the new home-purchase-envy
    that started deep in my soul at ur last posingt !!!
    hey m’home grrrrl… wonderin if any hi-waisted fat girl trousers r in ur near future repetoire? i gotta pair of these at Torrid several years ago and have drafted a pattern in my best aprox. of re-production…they have a super-cool shirred elastic 4-5in waist and flowy legs so u getta great 70’s influenced silouette w/o the super tailor seventies “slacks” look so they absolutely go with everything!! why do u ask if ive gotten so far in my efforts do i want u 2 make some ??
    A. i think they’d b a hit amongst ur hip divas & mamas,as a hecka verstile wardrobe staple
    2. lol! I HATE SEWING!! esp now I’m machine-less

    in constant awe of u and ur talents!!
    sistah- spongey grrrrrl stef

    • oami powers

      Thanks Stef! I’ll meditate on the high waisted trouseer idea – I personally cannot wear a high waisted trouser (low rise all the way baby), so it hadn’t occurred to me…..

  7. amy willis

    i am in love with that sexy dress and skirt. i will be the first one to line up for that one and the skirt. oh, the detail!

  8. Jacquelyn Marie

    Oh, how I miss the dogwood in bloom.
    Re May: Are y0u coming out this a-way????

    Great designs as usual and love to see Stella so bouncy!


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