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Sunday Walk


I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping a secret from some of you. Since mid November the hubby and I have been house hunting, and after looking a many homes this past week we put an offer in on one, the first place that we looked at as it happens. We have yet to hear back from the seller, and then of course there is the potential that the inspection reveal a deal breaker. So it is far from a fait accompli, and I feel superstitious talking about it here.

But, I felt I had to set the scene, which follows a week of phone calls, internet research, emails, combing through real estate documents and reviewing mortgage ‘products’ (for some reason this phrase sets my teeth on edge). It was also a week of ice storms and bitter cold. And so, when I woke up early this morning and discovered that it was sunny and a relatively balmy 40 degrees, I let out a metaphorical sign of relief and decided to literally take a day off.

I spent some time cleaning the house, and then put Stella in the car and set off for the weekly meeting of the Positive Pitbull CGC group. Usually we are working with our dogs, getting them ready to take the Canine Good Citizen test but this week we were doing a 2 mile ‘urban hike’ through downtown Raleigh, focusing on socialization and walking calmly in a busy environment. It’s a fun group, and we sure do turns heads, walking 6 or more pitties in single file down the side walk!

Urban agility training! Photo courtesy of Paige Burris

Afterwards, I dropped Stella off at home and put Grover in the car and set off for the North Carolina Museum of Art. The grounds surrounding the museum are dotted with large sculptures and feature several wide, paved paths that wind through the gardens and woods, and link up with the Raleigh greenway system. It’s a spot I love, and an easy walk for my slow old guy.

Grover, ever camera shy, and ready to walk

Walking with Grover can be very meditative, his pace is slow enough that you have time to look and observe, and he is a quiet and easy companion. I stopped from time to time to take pictures, and collected a few leaves and pinecones that caught my eye as potential subject matter. When I got back to the house, I pulled out my sketch pad and made a couple of quick drawings.

Maybe it was all the walking, or maybe it was the drawing, but I’m feeling peaceful, centered and prepared for the week ahead, for which I am grateful. I think what I need now is a cup of tea and a couple of chapters of my current read!

P.S. For those of you who are remembering my New Year’s resolutions and wondering ‘what happened to that?’, an update: I’ve been fairly successful at eating fewer animal products, but could do better. Ditto the weight loss, down 3 pounds so far. Gold star for making it to the gym/yoga very other day or so though. Still haven’t started the Neti routine but I’m doing well on the smarter shopping and the lights, and on track with the medication reduction. Viva la goals!

13 Responses to “Sunday Walk”

  1. Aunt Diana

    How exciting Oami. Crossing fingers and holding breath for you both….

  2. modaspia

    well you know i sympathize with all the drama of buying a house right now! i knew you’d polish off those goals no problem by the way. i dreamed about you last night! and your dad was in it too. he was going to visit you and then from there he was going someplace else to spend 3 or 4 weeks by himself. but it was like las vegas or someplace you wouldn’t ever expect your dad to hang out. then i saw your hands and they were small like giulietta’s (you do have hands like a child). weird huh?
    i love that last photo. and stella looks like she’s wrapped around your finger.
    it is bizarre that we would both be buying houses in the same month after all these years don’t you think? good luck with the inspection, let me know what happens pronto. wish me luck on mine wednesday.

    • oami powers

      I dream about you all the time! And yes, it’s spooky that we may end up owning our own places within a month of each other after all these years of daydreaming together about it. Can’t wait to see your new place when I come out to visit….

  3. ruchapowers

    Thanks for taking us with you on your “sunday walk”. I LOVE all the photos, especially at the sculpture garden…what a cool place ! I want to go there next time we visit. Enjoy the ups and downs of being a first-time home buyer. It’s a thrilling ride but you’ll feel like an expert in ‘realtor speak’ by the end of it! Big hugs xoxoxo
    p.s your drawings are so beautiful!! Sometimes I forget how talented you really are.

  4. Jacquelyn Marie

    Love the walks, the dogs, the sculpture, the leaves and YOU!
    Best of luck with the house.

  5. Anne Marquiss

    Ditto on what Rucha said. Beautiful drawings! Good luck with the house hunting.

  6. Norman Ross Powers

    You brought back wonderful souveniers from your walk. The photos are really swell, with the beautiful flat winter light on the brown grass and sculpted shapes. And your drawings are quite superb, East Twin! It’s good to hear you’re serene and centered after a day of Art and Dogs, ’cause the house hunt thing is mighty hairy work. By the way, the contraption on the pole with propellers is surely made by an old guy in the back country of North Carolina who has filled the field in front of his place with all kinds of crazy self-welded wirligigs and windmills. I forget the name, but he built a monumental wind machine for a museum in Balitimore which looks super fabulous in the YouTube clip I saw of it.

  7. Sandra

    luscious and tasty – thanks for all that soul food you gave us with the pics!

  8. sharon teig

    hi oami…i loved this last post…felt i was walking beside you..also, seeing n.c. through your eyes is a treat…i still carry the 20th century view of n.c. only being a reflection of racial strife and bigotry..
    i see there is more to see and smell and feel and experience…a privelege to read your post!!

  9. oami powers

    Jacquelyn, Anne, Sandra, Stef…thank you for your sweet words and support and I look forward to seeing you later this year (maybe May?).
    Pops: I will have to do some research and see if I can track that guy’s work down. Hard to capture in a picture, but super neat in person, especially when it is moving or the light hits it.
    Sharon: so glad I was able to show a different side of NC! I think it has definitely changed although you only need to follow what is happening with the schools here in Raleigh to know that racial strife and bigotry still exist here as elsewhere.


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