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Resolutions, Reviews & Blow Out Sales


Yes dear readers, here we are in 2011. Incredible isn’t it? I offer you a meditation on the three faces of our ritual celebration of the new year.

Part One, Resolutions:

The new year is traditionally the time to make commitments for change in the months to come, an idea that I am terribly susceptible to. I, unlike my husband who resolves only not to make resolutions, enjoy the process of thinking about what could be different and making a plan to implement it. I am also, you may have guessed, a list person. What is better than the feeling of putting a line through all those completed items on a to-do-list??? Sometimes I write a list when I am half-way done with something, just so I can cross things off it!

Now, I admit, most of what one resolves to do with such purpose at the beginning of the year never comes to fruition, but inevitably some things do. This year, I started Judah Ross, began writing this blog, and made friends in my new town, three of the things on my mental list for 2010. Not bad right? So here goes, the list for 2011:

  • Lose weight (I think I’m on year six?seven? for this resolution, with mixed results. Maybe above will help.)
  • Pace my work schedule (As my friend Liz said ‘good luck with that one’. But really, eight weeks of non-stop work and the subsequent two weeks of sleeping is nutty! I’m going to try be a little more balanced this year.)
  • Turn off lights (I’m terrible at this. Kirk comes home from work and I have every light in the house on.)
  • Use fewer pharmaceuticals (How I, a relatively healthy woman of thirty-seven have ended up using five medications regularly is confusing. Two I take for asthma, a potentially life threatening condition so I am kind of stuck with those, but I’d like to toss the rest.)
  • Neti (Kirk had great luck with this as a solution for allergies. I’m hoping I will to, and maybe be even be able to stop taking Zyrtec daily. See above.)

Um. I think that’s it! We’ll see how THAT goes!

Part Two, Reviews:

Because the turn of the year is also a time for ‘best of’ lists (see last week’s fabulous post). Here, in no particular order are my personal

  1. Song I was the most obsessed with : Pintar el Sol by Chancha via Circuito
  2. Best movie: Get Low (A sad and lovely gem of a movie. Thanks Kelly, for inviting me to see this with you!)
  3. Most disappointing movie: Shutter Island (Come on Marty, it seemed like you were trying to make your Hitchcock movie, but you can do better than THAT.)
  4. Place we ate out at most: Chubby’s Tacos (You can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl.)
  5. Best trip: NYC (see my post of the same name.)
  6. Best read: What is the What by Dave Eggers (Loaned to me by West Twin, thank you Rucha.)
  7. Favorite new podcast: Planet Money
  8. Most drool worthy dress: the parisienne by modaspia
  9. Place I spent the most money: Care First Animal Hospital
  10. Best new food (homemade) : Kale chips *

*I had to make these a few times before I got them right, so here are my tips to save you the headache. First, use spray oil. I know the author of this recipe would probably be appalled, but any liquid you put on the kale has to bake off, and makes it harder to get a good texture. A nice thin spray coating results in very crisp chips. Second, use dinosaur kale. It really works the best, I think because it’s so thick. Be sure to cut the ribs out though (I use kitchen scissors) because they get really tough once baked. Third, they may take much longer than the 40-45 minutes. In my oven it’s more like 90. I just use salt and pepper to season and I can tell you they are truly, truly addictive.

Part Three, Blow out sales!:

To celebrate the new year, I’ll be having a sale at Judah Ross. 50% off all merchandise from the 3rd through the 7th. If you already have a gift certificate you can use the gift certificate to buy items at sale prices but you won’t be able to combine any other discounts with this one.

Also, I’m thinking of switching my online store from Etsy to an independent website, similar to what Ursula and I set up for Twentyfive. Any thoughts? Positive or negative experiences with Etsy?

And now, I will leave you to write your very own lists of resolutions and reviews should you so desire. Happy 2011 people!






8 Responses to “Resolutions, Reviews & Blow Out Sales”

  1. ruchapowers

    Good post – fresh and clean, just like a brand-new year! That’s funny about the lists (adding things you are almost done with, just to cross them off) I dothat too dear Sister. I’m loving the song by Chancha via Circuito…listening to it again right now…and I had fun with all your links (I’m all signed up for Groupon now!!) Enjoy these first few weeks of resolve and hope the blow-out sale is a screaming success! xoxoxo

    • oami powers

      That song is AWESOME right? It added to my obsession that you can’t buy it in the USA. I used another song by him, called Zorzal, for the fashion show and it rocked.

  2. Norman Ross Powers

    That is a good, substantial list of resolutions. I especially like #1 — eat fewer animals and more plants. With everything else you’ve got going, though, (creating a business, house-hunting, blogging, ect., ect.) I think you’ll deserve a big gold star for resolution-keeping if you succeed with just that one. Because “the Internet is written in ink” (a quote from the movie The Social Network–see it!), I –for one–lovingly resolve not to hold your feet to the fire on any of your list, East Twin.

    • oami powers

      Well I appreciate that! Here’s hoping the less-meatarian thing sticks. It wasn’t too hard actually, until the holidays hit, because Mark Bittman’s take is to eat vegan during the day and omnivorously at night.

  3. Aunt Diana

    Well, clearly the list thing is in the genes. But I have been known to actually put something on the list when I have already done it, just for the tick satisfaction.
    Good luck Oami with all these resolutions. I’m with Kirk on this one, but I can be lured into it….again, if I am halfway through something it seems like a good mid year resolution.
    I note the vet bills….been there too. Now I just make do with worms and birds.

  4. oami powers

    Mid year resolutions, I love it! Our darling Grover is not the cheapest of pets it’s true. He’s on more pharmaceuticals than I am….crippled old man that he is. But they are great company which makes up for it.

  5. modaspia

    i’ll check out your movie reviews oami. i think you and kirk have watched more films than any couple i know. i’m envious of course, much harder to just sit down and watch any movie not rated G with kids around.
    good luck with the house! i think the rest of your resolutions sound like ones you’ll accomplish easily really..
    and yes – start a blog on the side as well as your own shop online, separate from the whirlwind of etsy. it will start slowly but i think with your own shop and blog it’ll just take nurturing to grow. you have so many things to share so get going!
    thanks for the dress mention btw! you’re funny.

  6. oami powers

    Ha! I have been biting my nails waiting for that dress!! I did start the Judah Ross blog this weekend: For now it will be the central point for all things Judah Ross, until I can set up a website. And we do watch an insane amount of movies. I could start a career as a movie reviewer on the side.


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