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Because, it ‘s that time of year when no one has any extra time, you and me both, to write or to read a long missive of the week’s events….

Because, it’s December 26th today and all you really want to do is to stay cozy in your pajamas, sip a yummy cocktail (admit it) and kick back for some easy laughs….

Because, like everyone out there I have had scores of media clips shared on my Facebook page over the year, some of them much better than others…

Because of all these reasons and more…

Here is my gift to you, dedicated ETWT readers, a compilation of my favorite laugh-out-loud clips of the year from YouTube and beyond.  Some of you may have seen all of these already (even so they really are worth one more round. I laughed the whole time I was editing on this post).

Some of you may have seen none of these viral videos (although I doubt it, is there anyone out there even in the deepest reaches of New Zealand who hasn’t yet seen ‘Charlie Bit my Finger‘??) . But if even one person gets to “LMAO” from these gems of comedic relief, then my job this week is done.

So without further ado (and in no specific order, because who can choose better over better-est??) I present to you –

Rucha’s Top Ten Hi-larious Videos of 2010:

1. Drunk Guy putting on a flip flop

Okay, this first clip reveals the  “inner-adolescent-boy” aspect of my sense of humor (if you didn’t know that about me, it’s probably time you did – for instance, I own a copy of  ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle’) ). And while I know it’s  mean to laugh at other people’s misfortune, this guy kind of brought it on himself (and doesn’t seem to care that much anyway).

Besides, I like to think of it as a kind of PSA (public service announcement). Show it to your kids and remind them of the dangers of extreme midday alcohol consumption and public humiliation.

My favorite part of this clip is – well, there are so many – but the hoot of support from his onlookers at the end really ties it all together!


2. Marcel the Shell with Shoes on

Now, if you are living without Marcel in your life, I don’t really know how or why….but let’s rectify that. I found this clip via my sister’s FB page and I knew it must have been something good, because she was already quoting it – and boy, is it quotable!

“we won’t fight unless we’re provoked”

Because I’m kind of nerdy like this, and I always want to know more, I did a little research on Jenny Slate who voices (unaltered and unadulterated) the teeny Marcel. I really like what she said in this interview with PopCandy for USA Today:

“…Also, I think we were just doing it for fun. We thought maybe 30 people would see it after the show and we’d put it online for our friends to see. But I’m really so happy that people love Marcel, because I love him, too. And he’s a little piece of me, so it makes me feel good.

I like that people think that it’s funny, but what I like the most is how many people say that it made them happy. Because we were doing it to make ourselves happy, and that’s just a really beautiful phenomenon.”

I concur. Marcel is a beautiful phenomenon. See for yourself:


3. Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Here is another one that almost passed me by except that people I know who have funny bones similar to mine were cracking up about it so I decided to click Play. Brilliant!! I loved everything this guy had to say.

the rotary phone, the credit card machines…I laughed until there were tears in my eyes while my 10 year just stood there, bemused. what are these things of which he speaks?

“will you give it a second? it’s going to…SPACE”

I wondered who is this guy, with his  slightly sardonic honesty and deep insights into mankind??

More research.

And I learned thanks to Wikipedia that Louis C.K among other things, directed the 2000 cult classic Pootie Tang.

Ahhh, now that explains it…..


4. The Christmas Tree

I  should really call this next part, “the John Roberts section” because it was impossible to choose just one of the hilarious sketches by this character actor and YouTube sensation.  I just checked out his website and saw, jealously, that I missed him on tour with Margaret Cho earlier this month in SF. Damn. I’ll just have to sit back and enjoy my tree…go turn on my tree!

5. Mother’s Day

Another piece of brilliance from John Roberts. There are some moments and phrases in this that makes me wonder if someone has secretly been recording me. Or is it that we Mothers are all essentially the same? (And all Mother’s Days essentially the same as well?)

I love it!…. What else?….

Why am I doing this?


5. The Phone Call

Okay here again, watching this Mother clean her house, yakking into the phone the entire time…I thought I was watching myself! (except for the corded phone, and maybe the sunglasses).  And work that cord she does, but check out what you see on the counter in the last shot….


6. My Son is Gay?

I think why I love this clip so much is that this poor woman goes through her whole emotional process right there in bed in her bathrobe, until she  finally finds… Acceptance.  It’s a beautiful thing.

And hey, as even my kids say (in their best Jersey accents)…

“if yer gay, yer gay”


7. Funny Cat Video

I consider this next clip one of a “Type”. That is, the funny cat video that an intrepid pet owner posts and suddenly 3 million hits later, kitty is a star. There are many worthy versions of these (such as this one, with voice-over, that my friend Anne recently posted) but the one below is a stand-out in my humble opinion.

For some inexplicable reason I cannot get enough of watching this cat sticking his head under the faucet.  Giggle, giggle….Maybe it’s the foul expression on his face as he’s filmed or maybe just the change in the sound of the faucet as he dunks under it, but whatever it is…. gets me every time!

8. George Bush Bores Boy

I know it’s been 2 years now since the reign of George W. came to an end, but it was a looonnnngg 8 years prior and lucky for us, fodder for all kinds of good blooper rolls.

Side note:  another something y’all might not know about me is that sometimes for fun, my husband will troll the annals of YouTube for Letterman clips starring  Mr. Bush as the village idiot, and show them to me just to watch me guffaw.

There are lots and lots of good ones – pick any of Letterman’s Top Ten Presidential Moments and you’re sure to get a hardy chuckle, but this one is my personal favorite:


9. Foxy Shazam!

If I had to choose one blessing the internet has bestowed upon me this year (besides the inception of ETWT!) it would definitely be the discovery of Foxy Shazam. When three of my rockin-est friends posted this clip within hours of each other, I just had to click on it. And…Blammo!!

I LOVE everything about ‘Oh Lord’!  I love the song! I love the look of the video! I love the choreography!

And if I could sing these lyrics to each one of my boys every night of their lives until they grow up big and strong, I would.


10. Companion to the Forgotten

Finally, number 10 is not comedic, but a definite must-see. Because it is the season in which we celebrate inner light, (and because most of us in the U.S have been lucky enough to enjoy this collective festival of excess called The Holidays)  I had to include this last beautiful video.

I saw this just last week and I don’t know what made me look at it but I am so glad I did.  It comes from a group called Chennai Expats which I don’t know anything about really but you can “Like” them on FB and see more videos on their page.  The message of this man’s profound work is a good one to spread so I’m glad they are.

Something about what this man is doing embodies the spirit I feel already wafting from this next year. 2011, the beginning of the next decade of the millennium. I think it’s the Love, and the free-thinking compassion Mr. Narayanan Krishnan shows. And the way he talks about our unity as humans on Earth. My hope for the New Year is  that We all continue to head in this direction.

What is the ultimate purpose of Life? It is to give.


Because I can never stop when I should, here are a few more Special Mentions in the category of  “Favorite things to watch when I should be doing something else more important:

Thanksgiving with Busy: This is a short animated clip made by my friend Nick Labedzki. I was very impressed because he put it together in just a few hours. It’s an ode to his pets (get the back-story right here at ETWT and it’s funny and quirky and has all the makings of becoming the next viral sensation. Come on people..let’s make it happen!

Double Rainbow If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s one of YouTube’s own Top Ten most watched in 2010. Watch the original here and then you MUST see the remix song . This dude has become an overnight celebrity and is rolling in instant-fame. This is a CRAZY world we are living in people!! Double rainbow all the way!

The Man Who Planted Trees – an animated story in 4 parts.  You can find the first part here (it’s a long one so let it buffer up in the beginning). A deep and touching story and wonderfully fluid animation. Treat yourself!


So, that’s it, that’s all I got for ya…have a wonderful Boxing Day to all of you out there. Enjoy your new gifts and the gift of one another. Blessings on you my friends as we finish the last tender days of 2010. May your New Year be:

as easily prosperous as pennies from heaven,

full of FUN,

and include a romantic kiss or two along the way!

May the march of Time be kind to us all!






7 Responses to “Top Ten”

  1. oami powers

    Ah, I needed a good laugh. Thanks for the chuckles…..what IS it about that cat and the faucet??? And the flip flop guy rocks….

    • ruchapowers

      I think so too….Dad said it made him queasy (watching the poor guy struggle I guess) but C’mon if you’re THAT blasted in the middle of the day, then you deserve a few chuckles at your expense aye?? I still love The Phone Call because I can SO relate to it…and that kid with George Bush, I almost pee my pants laughing -every time! Pure comedy…

  2. Norman Ross Powers

    Wow. This was a mini film festival. It took me three sittings to see everything (sometimes more than once) including all of The Man Who Planted Trees. There was such a range of feelings brought on by these videos that I went on quite an emotional journey. Yes, watching that drunk kid made me a little sick. I could almost hear his brain-cells frying and dying. Marcel was touching, of course, the George Bush was fart-joke hilarious, John Roberts made me hate and love his Mom and the kitty self- massaging under the faucet gave me the need to pet a cat immediately.
    Mr. Narayana brought my feet back to the earth so hard they hurt, and then suddenly Bear Mountain Yosemite (or whatever his name is) raised the hair on my neck with his magic-mushroom-ecstatic-double-rainbow yowlings. After a second look and Nick’s animation I realized what a small gem it is, so witty and adorable (who knew, Labedzki?). The Man Who Planted Trees brought the show to a stirring, beautiful and mature conclusion, and now I’m just a limp rag ready for bed. Thank you West Twin for your curatorial powers!

  3. ruchapowers

    Hey Dad, I must still be logged in on ETWT on your computer because this comment came up with my name on it…..thanks for your feedback, glad you had fun!!

  4. Frances Newcross

    I finally watched all the video clips you have in your latest blog. They were very enjoyable. Thanx for sharing them. The cat was funny and appeared to enjoy water on the head alot.


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