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It’s been a busy two weeks (again) here in easttwinlandia. About three weeks ago, I was accepted as a vendor for the Rock & Shop Market. They were wonderfully aggressive in marketing the event and so I ended up being interviewed for a promotional piece, and then having one of my pieces featured on a local morning television program.

And then, I was asked to participate in a fashion show on the day of the market, organized by Jamie Powell of Revamp. In typical Oami-style, rather than making it easy for myself by showing pieces from the fall line, I decided to make some one-off, fun pieces appropriate for the runway. My own private Project Runway challenge. I did limit myself to five models rather than ten, and had two wearing some pieces from the fall collection. And in typical Oami-style, I reworked and changed my three special dresses many times before coming up with the final versions. I was incredibly lucky to find models who fit perfectly with the styles I had designed, and who were graceful and beautiful. Jamie also helped me find a wonderful stylist, Brittany of Blo. She did a great job with the hair, and was gracious enough to let us prep at her home.

Stacey, looking sleepy, at our 8 a.m. start

Clothing pile

Lisa and Mallory, prepping behind the scenes at Rock & shop.

Mallory in my denim dress and necklace by Haden Designs


Kate in the yellow Snap Tee & elipse Skirt, with bracelet by Haden Designs

Lisa in custom bamboo denim jeans and Carnivale blouse, and earrings by Haden Designs

Stacey in the handpainted cocktail dress and necklace by Haden Designs

Mallory, Stacey, Eileen and Kate

Photo courtesy of Mike Esser

Photo courtesy of Mike Esser

Photo courtesy of Mike Esser

The crew. Can you tell I'm thinking 'get me off this stage!'

It was intense, stressful, a ton of work but such an incredible thrill….I can’t even explain how great it felt to see my work on stage, on such beautiful women, with great music to accompany them. Thank you to Michelle, Reagan, Jamie, Karlie, Eileen, Stacey, Mallory, Lisa & Kate.

The Rock & Shop itself was pretty great. It was held in Durham, block party style at the Motorco building and Fullsteam Brewery. On the street in between, food trucks set up with food for shoppers and vendors. During the fashion show it started to snow, and after the show I went to get Kirk a piece of pizza from Klausie’s Pizza, waiting with friends, huddled under the eve of the building and watching the snow gently falling, coating everything including our hair with a light powder.

Barbara, who was my surrogate brain backstage, as mine had left the building.

Kirk and I drove home in the slowly melting snow, stopping for barbecued pork and fried chicken. Arriving home, we took the dogs out, watching with smiles on our faces as Stella tried to figure out what the heck this cold stuff on the ground was. This morning we woke late and celebrated Kirk’s birthday. I’m so grateful to have you in my life, and to have the life I have. xxxxoooo to all, Oami




9 Responses to “Fa-fa-fa-fashion!”

  1. kelly smith-tilly

    It was a pretty magical day, wasn’t it? Your fashion show looked so put-together and fun. I loved seeing everything up on stage, including YOU at the end! And having the snow–real snow!–falling all day was the icing on the cake. Great job, Oami!

  2. liz

    As usual I love reading your blog! Thanks for letting me share a little Haden Designs–it was a privilege to be accessorizing your clothes…you know how I looooove me some Judah Ross!

  3. modaspia

    where to start? oh, i know: I WANT THAT COCKTAIL DRESS! oami you did a brilliant job, i told you that already. to be honest i’m never overly impressed with fashion shows, there’s always something amiss. wrong model, doesn’t fit right, etc etc. but your clothes really shine and it all looks completely pulled together and polished. the dresses are so cute, especially the cocktail dress (hello vena cava or something!), the denim dress has infinite possibilities, such a cute, wearable style. what’s up with those jeans? they look expensive and japanese.
    happy birthday kirk. we were trying to figure out how old he was yesterday..
    FYI, i actually would prefer to trade a black parisienne dress for one of the cocktail dresses and i’ll buy the leather hobo bag?
    congrats on a great show.

  4. ruchapowers

    No, No, I want the cocktail dress!! And btw, Om – you look GREAT in the promo shot at the start…hot booties!!! I’m so proud of you girl. Your clothes are cut beautifully…the denim dress is awesome too. Keep up the good work you “Raleigh designer” you! xo

  5. bean

    LOVE YA’

  6. Jacquelyn

    How splendiferous, Sweetie. Great job!! Caitlin is lusting for that dress but looks like others are going for it too. She may just have to wait.

    Much love. All looks great, including beautiful you and handsome Kirk.

  7. oami powers

    Thanks everyone! I think Ru is the only one with a hope of fitting into that dress, but never fear, I will make more…..
    Kelly, It was magical… and I’m so glad we were booth neighbors!


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