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The adventures of Bubble and Sparkle


Regular readers here at ETWT know that we are dog people – shout out to Stella and Grover, we love you mutts!! But lest we be accused of species prejudice, you should also know that we are also big-time cat lovers (feline fanciers in the house say ho!!). And the cats that rule our lives over here in the West Twin household are known as, Bubble and Sparkle.

You may remember them from the inaugural post on this very blog. Based on my state of mind and the early hour that day, this first description may not have been the most flattering portrait of these little cats, so let me begin at the beginning….

About 8 months ago, my children and I finally convinced the patriarch of our family, Papa Keith, to “let us get a cat”. Like any good naysayer he was concerned about the cost and the hassle, and to his point a pet-free household has the undeniable appeal of less mess to clean up and no need for pet-sitters when away.

 But we wore him down.

And when his boss posted on Facebook about the appealing qualities of owning a kitten (she had three to give away), I jumped at my chance and butted in with a comment that she should “let Mr. Sabini know”. 

I guess when your boss offers you a kitten, the deal is done.

So one day not long after, the boys and I drove out to the wilds of outer Fair Oaks to choose our new kitten. Beautiful home, and lovely children, we couldn’t have asked for a better situation as adoptive parents. Immediately I liked a little fuzzy black one with a lightning streak down her nose. “That one’s is really wild” said the little girl who raised her. I balked.

Lincoln and Maceo examined the kittens and  handled them, and Royal the two-year old, menaced them. One by one the little kittens scattered away from the hands of the little boys and wandered into the safety of the other room.  All except one.  

A little white kitten.  A perfect little belle. She nosed around, the only cat left in the room, and Lincoln said “well, how ‘bout this one?”

We brought her home in a giant, oversized diaper box. The ride home in the boy-mobile was rowdy with them all excited and curious, and me shouting instructions over the noise to “be quiet, don’t scare her”.

Along the ride they managed to re-name ‘Juliet’ as the family had been calling her (she was well-loved we know and we thank you for giving her up). She was now: Bubble.

Once we got Bubble home we followed new kitten protocol, and she seemed to settle in fairly easily. She slept and slept; all sweetness and light.

And then the nighttime came. The running, the leaping, the clawing, the toe-biting. No one was safe and we spent a week of sleepless nights as we were terrorized and attacked in our beds.

There was only one solution. Get another kitten.

“She needs to play with another kitten” I pleaded. “I want my own kitten” Lincoln wailed. “You know it’s actually much easier with two” my mother-in-law reasoned. “Are you sure you don’t want another?” Keith’s boss tempted (she still had two to give away).

Again, he succumbed.

This time it was Keith who drove the boys out to the country to pick another kitten. I don’t know the details of the choosing but they returned with the little black fuzz ball with the lighting streak marking on her nose, my favorite of the litter. She’d  already been christened: Sparkle.

The first night of their reunion, I thought we’d made a major mistake. They may have been sisters but their one week of separation had emboldened Bubble who was definitely the Alpha cat and was intent on beating the fact into poor Sparkle. In fact, my Facebook status update that day was something like:

“Was getting a second kitty a mistake? We brought home her sister today, but Bubble is being a meanie and beating poor “Sparkle” to the ground. Ummm…more sibling rivalry??! Not exactly what I had in mind…….”

But thanks to the wisdom of FB friends and the natural balance of the animal world, the pecking order was established and they worked it out, and the next day read:

“Peace has prevailed in catland!! Sweet sisterly kitten-ness. They are curled around each other like a fuzzy ying & yang. Now hopefully we can all get some sleep tonight!” 

And now they are best friends forever. BFF. They are two, totally sweet, totally inseparable sisters who really are ying and yang. Black and white mirrors of each other, they move with such grace and understanding of one another, either in complete unison or as mirror-opposites. They play together and hunt together. Just this morning I came out of the shower to find Sparkle at end of the hall crouched in classic attack position, tail waving tensely as she watched Bubble tackle and toy with something down at the other end of the hall. Always the wingman, Sparkle was poised waiting for her moment to throw down. What did they capture?, I wondered, heading towards Bubble?

A yellow pipe cleaner?!

Good one.


It’s nice to have more females in the family at last and believe it or not having ‘girls’ around really does add some balance to our male-dominated household. “Where are the girls?”, “Did you feed the girls?”, “Did the girls do that?” are constant refrains these days. And Maceo’s choice of matching hot-pink collars, (at first I thought to be a little garish) now perfectly suits them and their sassy little attitudes.

We just finished reading “The Golden Compass” by Philip Pullman and the part which I appreciated and understood very much was the description of the human’s eternal bond with their animal-formed daemons,  who were in themselves extensions of their person’s soul. The love and connectedness and intense nature of that bond was so well captured. They may not be our daemons, but Bubble and Sparkle’s presence in our family has completely benefited and improved our lives for the better. They bring laughter and irritation and fun on a daily basis. Like raising children, it’s difficult when pressed to recall and put into words all of the moments of preciousness and disaster that occur within the hours of each day. But it is the accumulation of these, that day after day builds into a kind of intimacy with, and a deep love for our pets; our girls.

So, to finish up I thought I’d allow my family to tell some tales of the crazy antics that our two cats have gotten up recently. This is me, transcribing their words as they relate the adventures of Bubble and Sparkle:

Maceo: “One time Bubble squeezed under the neighbor’s fence where there are two big dogs, Nola and Buster. Bubble was afraid to move in case of attracting their attention and so we had to throw dog treats over the fence to distract the dogs so she could come back under.” 


Lincoln: “When they camped out in top of the rafters in the garage. It was their first night doing a sleepover. They climbed up into the rafters where there is an old mattress and they slept all night on it.  We opened the door to the garage looking for them and they both peeked their heads over the edge of the mattress. When it was time to come down Bubble couldn’t find the way down and she was stuck.


Maceo: “  Well….Royal likes to squeeze Bubble and Sparkle and Lincoln chases them…

Linc: “ No, It wasn’t me!”

Maceo: : “Yes. Remember, you pushed them off that suitcase today?”

Lincoln: “Oh yeah”


{editor’s note:  Royal does in fact squeeze the living daylights out of the cats any chance he gets. It’s not uncommon to find him dragging them around the house with the poor cats in a choke hold grimacing like Pepe Le Pew’s girlfriend}



Maceo: “The only place they like to sleep any more is my bedroom. Their two favorite spots are on my office chair and on my fuzzy blanket….there is a war in our house between Royal and the cats. Royal squeezes the cats during the day and they mess with him at night. Poke him and bat him with their paws. He wakes up crying. They do it on purpose”


Rucha: “Lincoln,you have any more stories for me?”

Lincoln: “I’m eating pomegranates.”


Keith: “How about how they wake me up at 5 every morning? They’ll bite my toes through the blanket and get me up. Sometimes they don’t even need food, they just want me to walk them into the kitchen. Then after I lay down, they come back half an hour later, biting and pouncing until I get up again and let them out into the backyard….but sometimes they don’t even want to go out , they just want me to open the door and look outside. ”


Rucha: “Well my favorite is how Bubble necks on Sparkle:  suckle suckle suckle….I think she was weaned too early.


Keith:  “ I think it’s strange but our vet says it’s normal. And they are really into whatever we are doing that’s amorous….they want to be involved.”


Rucha: ”Yeah, they pick their moments don’t they?”


Keith: “Little freakazoids.”


9 Responses to “The adventures of Bubble and Sparkle”

  1. Frances Newcross

    that’s a cute story about your new kitties. they sound fun. so much for your boys to love. take care.

  2. oami powers

    Yay!!! Bubble & Sparkle! How is it that kittens are so darn cute? I think they win the cute contest with puppies, hands down, even though you know how partial I am to that species. Glad you have some extra girl power in your house now too. Love the commentary from my sweet nephews. Props Papa Keith…

  3. amy

    You know how much I LOVE when you blog about the furry babies!!! I remember the days when Slick and Gertie were kittens. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep for a whole week.

  4. Mia

    OK this may seems cruel but you know how I am with natural consequences. Leave your cats clawed and Royal will learn his lesson or maybe he already has and chooses to keep learning it over and over again like so many 2 year olds do. Animals contribute so much fun to a family, yeah to the quirky animals in our lives.

  5. Norman Ross Powers

    Thank you, WT, for giving Cats the acknowledgment they deserve. The Dogs are wonderful— bright and personable– but the Cats are graceful, endlessly enchanting small works of art. They may not have much going on in their pretty heads but they smell nice and one doesn’t have to follow after them
    with a plastic bag as with the Dogs. Hooray, for Cats!

  6. spongey queen

    Mr.Minky-Uncleface STILL lives at our next door neighbors…. finding he much preferred the peace & quiet of house full of obviously mature & civilized humans .who had the good sense to serve Friskies Buffet Rather than having2 deal with a house full of cretins who only doled-out a sub-par slop of generic dry stuff………

    an excerpt extolling the superiority of the cat….

    “Folks like 2 claim a dog is more intelligent than the cat because you can teach dogs tricks. This fact is really evidence for the cat. When you tell a dog to “sit up,” the poor sot thinks he has to do it. Most cats feign stupidity and act like they have no clue what you want.”

    thanx for a peek into Ru’sWorld xxoo’s2 all Tanty

  7. Allegra

    Dear Rucha,
    We loved reading your story! We laughed and giggled. We are so happy to know how much the kittens are adored.
    Matea says the story sounds just like what kittens do. We all laughed at Keith’s description of them manipulating him into getting out of bed. I thought you could write a children’s story.
    My parents took two kittens, too. The white male nursed on the black female, and she nursed on herself for the longest time. I think they finally stopped. But these babies nursed a full two moths or more. We kept one, the middle child. She is so cuddly with the girls. I love having one baby that was born in this house.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  8. Jacquelyn Marie

    Tara, my big 5 year old rules the roost in my house. She says a meow-hello to your kittens but says not to bring them here. Single cats often think they are people. Nice to have two but I waited too long.

    Thanks for stories.

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    […] Yes, all these topics and more ran through this writer’s mind, but in the end I settled on something far more personal though perhaps mundane:  my pets. Specifically, the sensitive feelings of my pets. Regular readers may have met my two cats Bubble and Sparkle here or here, […]


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